Darfur horrible problem but still not ours

5 Dec

I just recently received an email from an organization maybe some you have heard of and quite possibly were a part of in some during this last Presidential election, “Rock The Vote.” For last couple months they have been sending reminders to vote and things like that for the presidential election but now they have cast their sights on Darfur. Darfur is a small African country in south of Africa where civil war has been a constant for well ever. Anyways they are trying to rally support saying, “Lets send a message to Mr. Obama to stop this genocide from happening.” You know, I agree this tragedy is terrible, I have been watching the situation and gone to their site where they have satellite photos depicting the damages. If you would like to see the images or visit the site its called Eyes On Darfur. To get an explanation of the violent crimes taking place from Wikipedia.

Anyways its a horrible situation but I am sorry personal thoughts are that we don’t need to be lobbying the President one way when there are to many issues on his plate that are affecting us directly. Secondly this is not our problem, if you research it, that are has had civil unrest since the beginning of time and always will. You may pause the violence but after time the government is not strong enough and it will all break out again. In addition we are already in a two front war and don’t need to make that a three front war. We spend to much on the wars we are still fighting right now whether or not we are still considered to be at war doesn’t matter because the money keeps on flowing out of our pockets and into their mouths. I have problem helping people but right now that is the least of our problems if we can’t even help ourselves and that is my issue with it.

Again before everybody tries to jump my junk, I do not, let me repeat that, I do not approve of the violence wish I could do something but right now is just not a good time for us to be addressing this issue.


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