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10 Mar

The beginning, I was born December 4th, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. I lived there for all of about 3 months before leaving for the North Branch, MI, US. In case you were wondering and don’t laugh cause I have heard this before, yes I am asian. Don’t laugh, oh no, I hear this regularly comments like “Are you Asian?” or “Are you Indian?” I am sorry but I thought the eyes give it away lol. Some people…

Anyways once I was 3 months old I came to the North Branch, MI a small primarily agricultural town predominantly Caucasian. Okay really all Caucasian, yeah it was definitely interesting growing up there. I managed easily though, most of my friends being white were friends that I have had since I was in crib so none of them thought any different of me. As I am sure you are wondering, yes I was adopted by Caucasian parents. They were some of the best parents and don’t regret any aspect of my life at all.

School went well for me I always received good grades, I graduated from High school with a 3.7 grade point average. Maybe not the best but not the worst either… Throughout high school I saw inequalities in life in general and I wanted to change things. Naturally I felt that to become a lobbyist/ lawyer would be the best way to do that. So I skewed all my classes torwards that type of career taking, “You and the Law”, “Impromptu classes”, “Speech”, and “History” classes.

After graduating from high school, I decided to go to the University of Michigan to pursue my Law degree. As life has it things don’t always go the way they are planned. Eventually after working fulltime, going to school fulltime, and not sleeping fulltime I quite after the completion of my first year.

At that point I decided to join the United States Navy, lol, yeah, yeah I know. Its horrible, the people treat you like crap, its the military! Regardless though I had a good time and would recommend it to any single kid without any girlfriend or kids! The military is not the place to have a family trust me I have seen some shit!

But above all the bull that is our military it was a good experience. I mean who at 23 years old can say that they have been to UAE (United Arab Emirates), France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Panama, Lebanon, and a few others that I am forgetting. Not only that though I met some amazing people, made lasting friendships, and gained life experience!

Above all else though I met a girl! Wow, I can hear all the thoughts going through your mind now lol. Yep, I got bit by the love bug, damn that bastard! No all jokes aside it was a good thing, I learned a lot about love sharing, being there for a person, be being that one! Which leads me to my next topic, after almost a year and a half of dating I went deployment in June of 2006. About two weeks in I receive a startling statement while checking in with my now ex-girlfriend. “Baby, I am pregnant, were going to have a baby!” Wow, definitely wasn’t planned but either way I wasn’t mad.

My son is now a year and half, I am a single dad. Its a lot of work yes but he makes every second of it worth it. Don’t get me wrong is one helion, just like I was. Brings to mind a saying, “What goes around comes around.” lol. Either way though through his crying for no reason, doing things he is not supposed to, doesn’t matter, because once I see him come up to me with those arms lifted up and I pick him up and hold him close and see that peaceful, innocent, and beautiful face nuzzled close on my shoulder ready to fall asleep nothing else matters. Not my job, friends or anything else because that is mine and his only! My son and me at a month old
He was born February 25th, 2007 weighing 6lbs. 8oz. and measuring 19in. long. His name is Kylar Ray Yoon Bird. Kylar I came up with, Ray was his moms idea my grandpa’s middle name and Yoon is the beginning of my Korean name Yoon Young Kim. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! So ladies its sort of a package deal, sorry.

After completing my four year in the Navy on November 27th, 2007 I came back home to good ole North Branch, Michigan. Now I work at a small company called RLM Industries Inc., an investment casting company. I currently head the Advertising, Marketing and Sales portion of the company. I love what I do and despite having no degree and no prior experience I feel like I catch on quick and have a natural nack for this industry. I do a lot of graphic art design work using Adobe Illustrator CS3 awesome program, Analyze and develop marketing strategies, develop ideas and content for numerous print advertising materials and our website content, I also do procurement work still in the prestages though.

In addition to that I do contract work for two other companies. They will not be available for a while because I want to have permission to post content about them before proceeding but one is a log home builder and the other is a wedding photographer. I will be posting designs though that I have done for them with their contact and any identifiable content xxx out until I have gained written permission.

I try to stay busy, I like doing this so I have decided to pursue my Associates degree in Marketing management with a minor in communications or computer programming possibly.

Well I am new to this very interested in the aspects of blogging, its effectiveness, along with seeming to be like a good way to put my thoughts out there and just get some feedback. Here is a little about me:

What am I you ask? I am an Asian, a South Korean, a surfer, a snowboarder, a hockey player, a fighter, a wrestler, a racer, a tuner, a random work of art, which changes from day to day, I am solid in that I stick to my morals, but ever changing, I am funny but serious when I feel it is appropriate, random, smart, dumb, crazy, spontaneous, ready to live, to do in life what others will not or choose not to, inquisitive, curious, always ready for the beach, always on the go, never able to sit for more than 10 minutes, anxious, laid back, chill, non confrontational (except maybe when drunk), superior to most or I’d like to think, confident however many confuse it with arrogance or cockiness, I know who I am,… and need no one to tell me otherwise, always ready to meet new people, ready for the next lesson, afraid of failing but always taking something from it, one failure is just another life lesson in the endless entirety of life, but most of all a father to a son named Kylar Ray Yoon Bird born February 25th, 2007 at 9pm weighing 6lbs. 8oz. and 19in. long. The most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. Life changing, crazy, a handful, but most of all great and never would give him up for anything. Talk all you want about me but take the words of my son out of your mouth. I play but don’t play when it comes to my son.

Here is contact information for me:
Work Email

RLM Industries Inc.
My Personal Blog


spyware removal

3 Mar

I just wanted to inform and warn you about two malware programs called “AV 360” and “Defender” which in less than six months developed into “Perfect Defender”. These are very sophisticated and elaborate malware programs effectively designed to mimic actual anti-virus programs. AV 360 was made to mimic AVG, an actual spyware program while Defender was developed to mimic the actual Microsoft anti-spyware program. These are highly intrusive and obstructive malware programs designed with nothing but malicious intent. These programs will can crash servers and in my personal experience controlled screens periodically (every five minutes) shut down my computer, disabled printing and popped up very elaborate advertisements shown below:

These programs are designed to bog your computer down and make you believe you have viruses so that you submit your personal information which could be used for any number of things. In addition these programs and others like it have the abilities to steal personal information, control your computer altogether and crash servers. The icon below is a logo designed for AV 360:

Ways to spot AV 360 before it installs:
1. AV 360 during normal computer use may pop a block saying that you are at risk of a virus or spyware program. If it is not a recognized anti-virus program you use or know of it is best just to close the box.
2. Pop ups range in usually 3 forms one like above and also two other much smaller pop up blocks with mostly text stating that you are in some kind of threat.
Recognizing you have AV 360:
1. AV 360 will pop up usually 3 to 4 different types of screens but they will be within five to ten minute intervals. If you click on anything but the close button it will take you to a personal identification page that will require you to give your information with a message stating you need to update or register.
2. In addition computer functions may be slowed or bogged down and or printing and other functions may not function at all.


You can also stop the virus from popping up by simply going into your task manager to processes selecting AV360 and ending the process. While this doesn’t remove it, it will allow you to function normally for a while. In addition there is a anti spyware program that will remove it altogether if you follow this link: Safe Networking

The best memories, frozen in time, photos…

15 Dec

Ever look back at old photo’s and see one picture that at first glance makes you just smile? Yeah I was browsing through some photos today looking at some old pictures and amazingly enough the picture that caught my eye was not of me partying or anything like that. It was a photo of me and a certain somebody that will go nameless that I have not seen in some time and well,… Like time and distance usually does it tries even the best of friendships. Either way though as soon as I saw the picture I remembered the day like it was just moments ago that it happened even though the actual day the photo was taken was at least a year or two ago. It was a good time, a time when nothing could go wrong and everything seemed to be going right! It was my small slice of perfection. I had the perfect friends, good money, bustling lifestyle and a girl that I cared a lot about that was more beautiful in every way. More beautiful than every other girl put combined, not only that but she intrigued me, kept me on my toes 24/7.

It had been something I had not expected nor ever had happen before. Up until this point every girl was just the one until the next one came along. It was different though because I felt like I had found my one and never need, nor ever want another one. While others had bored me after a month or two she found ways to always keep me in tune with her. The great part was though, that she never tried to it just happened which is what I think was the best part about it. It was just her natural personality that kept me so anxious to just spend one more moment with her. To talk to her endlessly until early morning, stare into her beautiful eyes, hold each other, cuddle, love, and care. The crazy twisted part is that we never dated.

I feel like there was just so much riding on us, that if we were to change what we were would ruin the enticing action that always followed in our wake. The feeling was mutual and more than obvious and we had been intimate before, spent countless nights together. I still regret never making things more official, but it is a time I surely will never forget. When she ran away from home she spent the nights with me and her father knew and thanked me knowing he could trust me cause I called him naturally knowing he was worried sick not sure where his daughter was. That was another thing to, during this time I was in the Navy and while I had no family during holidays her family gladly opened their doors to me and made me feel welcomed. I had a very good relationship with her parents and family and often took trips with them on their family vacations.

It is unfortunate, I have since moved back to Michigan and during the better days I was in Virginia. Now states separate us and distance has truly proven to rear its ugly horns. We speak very few and far between as compared to before when we seen each other everyday. She has now got a new boyfriend so I have not heard from her in almost two months do not expect to for some time at least not until they break up. Hmmm… Its crazy how things work out sometimes. I guess though, that time will always be preserved in my mind as one of the best years of my life, because all there was is good and now there is no painful breakup and things ended on a good note. Who knows though, fate my have other ideas I guess time will only tell with hope.

New interests, start of something good

11 Nov

It is a true treasure when you are finally able to find that one, it is my firm belief that some may search forever and never find what they are looking for because they are never really sure what exactly it is they are looking for. So if you know what you want and have been lucky enough to actually find it hold onto it and never let it go for that is a true treasure. I believe I know what I want but then I thought I had what I wanted but it betrayed me and I was left with heart ache. My heart will heal and has, life will go on and there is always more fish out there. It is unfortunate and I still feel like I know what I want out of life and a partner but this event has brought me to question a lot.

For the longest time I have just coasted through rather unwilling to meet others afraid of the pain I had felt from before. Turns out while I wasn’t looking someone else was and was very much interested. Well I have taken that chance being very much precautious but I am taking that chance. Amazingly its been only three days, but it feels like it has been much longer than that. I don’t think anyone has ever made me as happy as she does, beautiful, so beautiful, fun, funny, alike in many ways, sincere, not afraid of my son. These things mean a lot, especially that she embraces my son. There have been a lot of girls that I have been interested in but they are usually freaked out that I have a kid and rightly so I don’t blame them it is kind of a big thing. She likes him a lot and she does really well with him, so I am very thankful for that. It’s a package deal now, one comes with the other so whoever I date will have to be okay with my son. I don’t remember the last I have had a good outlook in a girl before, but it is and hopefully it stays that way. Time will tell, time will tell…

Me n Carrie

Coming down to the wire!!!

30 Oct

Yeah so early voting has already started and voting is about to begin so don’t forget to get out there and let your voice be heard! So things been going pretty good for me, tomorrow is Halloween and dang its supposed to be off the hook!! Plus I get my son the 2nd of November, I miss his the little punk, lol. Kidding only kidding people. Got a new pic of him while he was in Ohio with his mother that she sent me.
Ky and his antlers

Work is good same old I guess, but I have an interview with another company called “Bankers Life and Casualty”, not sure what they are all about or whether I am really that interested but I at least check it out. Also got a job offer from Kellogs, so that could be interesting for the brand marketing position, I went ahead and sent my resume to them. Still working on getting some things into place for my company. After I get my company ready to go I will be working only part time at the job I am right now then I will be working my company as well. Ah starting school soon to, I am actually ready excited to go to school! Kind of ironic but I actually want to learn more about marketing plus I applied to a MTV for a marketing position. Unfortunately they said the only thing that was keeping me from having the position was that I didn’t have a degree. So off to school to get that degree! Two jobs, 3/4 school sounds so overwhelming to me but I am sure I can do it so no worries!

Obama McCain! Huge issue

16 Oct

Up to this in the presidential election I have decided to just outline information being said, enough of that. After watching the 3rd Presidential debate I am done being objective. I sick and tired of seeing nothing more than McCain sit there and bash Obama. On his tv ads, in debates at rallies where protestors regularly yelled things like “terrorist” and “Kill him”?! Who in the right mind for presidency can allow something like that to happen at their own debates then say that they are going to run the good campaign. McCain you are a liar and manipulate information for the sole purpose of winning a campaign that will support the very things you denounce.

If you look into any of their ads you Obama attacking McCains plans and budgets, however if you look into McCains ads all you see is McCain and his campaign attacking obama as a person rather than focusing what should be focused on here, the issues. This shows a lot for the type of person that McCain is and to me it is really getting annoying. While watching the debate I constantly found myself thinking “Shut the f up McCain!” because he would not let Mr. Obama finish. It is frustrating to see someone try to speak and cover issues while somebody else is constantly “Oh well he this and he that.” Screw that stick to the fricking issues.

I don’t know about everyone else but I am sick and tired of McCain. I have looked into each one of these peoples allegations and budget plans and McCain constantly tries to twist issues to suite his purposes. Take for example in McCains ads where he states that Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes. Bad right everyone would be like, “Raise taxes!” sending up all kinds of red flags but he doesn’t mention is that he only wants to raise taxes on 5% of Americas population. Raise taxes on the millionaires not cut their taxes like McCain wants to, why do people making that kind of money need help? Think about it, their already getting millions and I sure don’t see them redispersing that wealth around to help people while they stomp out what competition there maybe so the government has to because no one else the power to!

Watch the debate here is a link to it if you haven’t already seen it and you will see what I am talking about. From now on I am reporting every issue and I will find the facts and post them here because the facts support Obama and because I am tired hearing all these lies that McCain brings up. The way that he fabricates all this information to try to make it look good on him.

McCain says that Obama supports billions in government spending, yes, spending on investing in our future for things like alternative energies, healthcare and education. It is the same ideal as paying for college crazy to pay that much but you have a better chance of a good job afterwards.

Bottom line Obama continually outlines his ideas, while McCain doesn’t only attacking Obama’s. Its annoying and I hope everyone that is tired of this starts speaking out in their blogs and everyother possible spot where this can be seen. If you believe the way I believe paste a link from your page to mine or copy thee entire post and put it up in your blog I don’t care but I am tired of hearing this crap and everyone needs to do something about it instead of sitting idle by!

Heres the link

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Here is the link to all of McCains ads Oh and if you will notice at the top of the page who is the page paid for and supporting? Exactly my point nothing more than attacks in desperation things they try to accuse Obama of when they are the hypocrites!

Good ad through youtube check it out for Obama

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Sad, very sad what mother would say things?!

14 Oct

So I got a call the other day and it was from my ex. Before I go any farther I should say that me and my ex currently share equal custody of our son. She lives in OH and I live in MI, I get him every other month right now. Anyways she calls me up crying. I was like, “Oh god what happened?” She began by saying she was so frustrated, hated life, etc. Then she astonished me by telling me that my son, her son, our son was a mistake?! That she regreted having him because all he does is cry. I am sorry but he is never like that with me, to be honest I think its because she doesn’t give him that much attention so he cries until he gets her attention. Right now he is one and a half. Anyways she goes on tell me that she doesn’t want him anymore and is getting pissed at him etc. I almost didn’t know what to say, I was astonished that she would ever say anything like that.

It didn’t surprise me though, the only reason for justifying her arguments were I can’t take it, he won’t stop crying and I just want to be able to go out and do whatever I want, whenever I want. It really disappointed me because I thought she was making progress in growing up which had been her failing point when we were together. It was sad, I never ever will regret my son he is the best thing that happened to me but I regret having him with her. I wished I had been more wise in my decision to have him with her, wish I had chosen my partner more wisely. Instead now he must suffer. Yes if you were wondering she is dating but that is not the problem, the other guy doesn’t have a problem with Ky and I have made very clear that he can discipline him but to never take it the extreme! Anyways its her its always been like this the wind blows and she follows. To the point that she once went through four cars within a year, not just cars but brand new cars.

After rambling for a while to me I finally interceded, I offered to gladly take him and she would never have to deal with him again. It hurt me to say it and know why she didn’t want him. How am I to ever tell my son his mom thought he was mistake. I never will, I would just tell him your mom had some growing up to do, but I know the questions will come as he grows like “Where’s mommy” and I hope I never have to hear it but I hope he never asks “why doesn’t mommy love me?” I feel like I failed him, like responsible. There was nothing I could do, I never knew how she was until after we had the child. Everything was great before we had the child and then it went to hell all of a sudden. She had the baby needed attention which mine everyday should’ve been enough but for her she was always a social fanatic and craved the approval of others and she found it by working at a bar. I am not going into it any further but I have a post about that if you want to check it out.

So anyways I told her no matter how frustrated you get Do not hit or hurt him! I have offered billions of times to just take him completely, but she always says no until now. She hasn’t fully agreed to let me take him but it would be for the best because I know they scream at each other while he cries and I am sure he catches some of it to especially when they are frustrated and he is crying because they’re yelling. Right now he goes home to her knowing ten to fifteen new words that he didn’t before but he comes back to me knowing only the same words. I once asked her “Do you ever try to teach him?” She responded thats what school is for. It disgusted me because I want my son to be the best and I don’t force him when he comes to me with a book in his hand I drop what I am doing and read it to him sometimes I can’t always but if I can’t I always go get him as soon as I can.

Plus my mother has been a pre kindergarten teacher and younger child teacher for her entire life and she constantly works with him. Its not a thing of forcing him though so don’t get those perceptions. We work with him when he wants to, if he starts whining and wants to go play we let him go play. I am not one of those psycho freaks but I want my son to be ahead and never have to struggle. Plus I am not really to worried about it cause I can already tell he is smart, he grasps things so quickly. Plus I don’t have a girlfriend nor plan on having for a long time, I am more focused on my career and getting to where I need to be to provide for his every need. I will install value into him to, he is not going to be spoiled but he will be very well taken care of. I see my father, with his current financial situation living day to day and it kills me because I can’t support my mom him and myself on my salary right now and thats why I making sure that I will always be well off now before I get to old and get stuck working some dead end job. Not me never.

So yeah, needless to say I am disgusted and disappointed that she could ever say that about him but not surprised nor mad. Its almost like she can’t help it she has always had a lack of responsibility. I am just hoping she will say take I don’t want him anymore he’s yours… It will be hard, but I’m a man and a father and I will sacrifice my social life because I don’t care I always have friends that will be there for me if I need them. It just dawned on me the difference between me and her, maturity and confidence… I have self confidence something she has never had. It seems like she is just so worried about her social life and losing her friends than her son plus maturity too.