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Sweet new website

8 Mar

So I recently found this funny new website, its basically kind of like a social network where people can post stories and just vent about their ex’s, bosses or anything really. Check it out at or the Facebook app at


So Britney is back?!

5 Dec

Apparently according to the news Britney Spears is back?! Crazy, not to sure what to think of it yet. I know she already has some new songs, but how long do you think it will last. Have the last problems been solved and has she had enough time properly reecooperate? In my personal opinion if I was at that age, made that much money I wouldn’t be worried about ever going back. If I had that kind of money I would be worried about finding enough things to spend it on before my life was over. Her new songs are good though and the video for “womanizer”, is quite hot. I hope she does do good and does bounce back but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

It is unfortunate for those type of superstars in the fact that they have never really had a chance to mature and grow up normally. It has been a huge issue surrounding Britney saying that she is not mature or grown up enough to have kids among a number of other accusations but really when has she ever really had a chance to grow up. As with most child stars most of their days if not all of their days have been scheduled down to the minute so how can people ever fault someone for being immature? In a way I understand it because sometime or another they could have said I just want to quite and have a normal life but still if they don’t who would blame them?

So anyways I hope the best for her, she is looking good as ever and sounding just as good as before and it seems like the media is back on her side again pushing for her to be right back there in the mainstream so best wishes!

Darfur horrible problem but still not ours

5 Dec

I just recently received an email from an organization maybe some you have heard of and quite possibly were a part of in some during this last Presidential election, “Rock The Vote.” For last couple months they have been sending reminders to vote and things like that for the presidential election but now they have cast their sights on Darfur. Darfur is a small African country in south of Africa where civil war has been a constant for well ever. Anyways they are trying to rally support saying, “Lets send a message to Mr. Obama to stop this genocide from happening.” You know, I agree this tragedy is terrible, I have been watching the situation and gone to their site where they have satellite photos depicting the damages. If you would like to see the images or visit the site its called Eyes On Darfur. To get an explanation of the violent crimes taking place from Wikipedia.

Anyways its a horrible situation but I am sorry personal thoughts are that we don’t need to be lobbying the President one way when there are to many issues on his plate that are affecting us directly. Secondly this is not our problem, if you research it, that are has had civil unrest since the beginning of time and always will. You may pause the violence but after time the government is not strong enough and it will all break out again. In addition we are already in a two front war and don’t need to make that a three front war. We spend to much on the wars we are still fighting right now whether or not we are still considered to be at war doesn’t matter because the money keeps on flowing out of our pockets and into their mouths. I have problem helping people but right now that is the least of our problems if we can’t even help ourselves and that is my issue with it.

Again before everybody tries to jump my junk, I do not, let me repeat that, I do not approve of the violence wish I could do something but right now is just not a good time for us to be addressing this issue.

Updates on my son Kylar

4 Dec

So yeah took my son back home here this last Sunday. Its crazy he is about to be two here in a couple months but he is already acting like a punk little two year old. Its great though the other day Kylar was running around and kept smacking into shat and of course Grandma’s freaking out like, “Oh Kylar are you alright”. Of course he looks at her like, “Get off me, I’m a boy I can take it!” I love it though thats how I know hes my son, not afraid of getting hurt and well stubborn do it my way whether I find out the hard way or not its my way.

He’s learning so many new words, just the other day I taught him to say dude! He’s getting everything down really good, knows all his animals, colors among other things. Plus he is already almost potty trained although sometimes he says “Poddy”, after he already went. Don’t worry though we are working on it. He already eats everything on his own with silverware and sometimes with thee additional help of hand from time to time. Can’t fault him though he does good. I am surprised though he loves helping us out with anything were doing. He will always run up to me when I am putting my clothes away, washing dishes or something like that and be like, “Help, Help?!” I know that wasn’t something that I did a lot of when I was younger but I guess its good as long as it stays that way.

He doesn’t fight bed or should I say hasn’t been until like the last two nights for some reason he didn’t want to go to sleep. He puts all his toys away when time without even being asked! Shocked the F out of me. He absolutely loves trucks, tractors and cars so I got him one of the little mini jeeps that has the gas pedals for reverse and forward and a little engine compartment he can play in. I guess it only goes 2.5mph but we’ll see what dad can do to fix that lol. I was wanted to go fast and I know he does so well have to find some nitro or something like that for it. I almost gave it to him early just because I know how much he is going to love it. My friends mom got him a hockey net and two sticks so definitely gonna be working on teaching how to play some puck here next time he comes down.

Its funny though cause me and him have been wrestling, and I been teaching him some brazilian jujitsu moves. Course he doesn’t really understand it he just thinks we are wrestling but I love it anyways because he likes playing rough and isn’t afraid of smacking his head around a little. Course I don’t ever let him get hurt while we are wrestling so don’t think that I am torturing him its not like that. What else, hmmm….

Iono,…. I have high, high hopes for him I can see him going so far. He comprehends things so quickly and understands more than most the three year olds that are in my mothers daycare I take him to when I am at work. I am proud as hell of him and can’t wait to see how the next couple years pan out. Plus I can’t wait till he starts dating just gonna be breaking hearts for sure. Plus I’m buying his first car and we are going to make that thing a beast! So you know the girls will be all about it.

Wooohooo finally have total creative control over my companies website

26 Nov

So definitely stoked, I can control all creative content that will be going onto my companies website. The only thing that sucks is that we are using a cms similar to wordpress format. It will be fun though anyway, I have already embarked on three new projects to dress up the site and give a better feel. I feel like our web designer kind of slacked on us previously because a lot of the coding and design was kind of sloppy. Small things that most would never notice but things that eat me alive and annoy the heck out of me. I am very maticulous when it comes to creating my site and then to have these easy errors just sit there and not get changed annoyed me. Oh well though I now have full control so it will never be like that again and if it is it won’t be like that for long.

My website link

Brrrrr, yeah its coming!!!

24 Nov

Yeah so I know you can feel it, that cold crisp winter air. You can feel it all around you that cold but yet warm feeling that so many get during this time of year. Oh yeah time to do some serious shredding! In case you were unsure or perhaps the tags didn’t give it away I am talking about Snowboarding. Yes the winter cold has made her debut. Amazingly Boyne Mountain out near Traverse City, MI already has 9in. and they are pumping out even more as we speak.

So Grab your goggles, gloves, boots, and lets get ready to ride. This time next month I want to be on my board hurling myself down the side of a mountain at insanely high speeds with no other intention except being incredibly unsafe and wreckless. Maybe even a little drunk, okay definitely drunk, what you stay warmer that way, lol who’s with me?!

Oh I definitely need to get a new pair of pants and possibly gloves, found this tight website called The House so if your looking for gear check them out! They got some good deals if your budget is like mine and well lets face it a little tight. Below is the link:

Good place though, this is where I bought my bindings almost half compared to other places. I also got my boots from here. So anyways though I plan on making at least 4 trips to Boyne this year and getting a season pass for Holly or Knob just because they are close. Plus I got a friend that can get lift tickets for Boyne at half price so if anyones interested let me know. Otherwise get geared up and ready!


19 Nov

Working on getting a portfolio started and this is the link of where it will be at, thanks!