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So Britney is back?!

5 Dec

Apparently according to the news Britney Spears is back?! Crazy, not to sure what to think of it yet. I know she already has some new songs, but how long do you think it will last. Have the last problems been solved and has she had enough time properly reecooperate? In my personal opinion if I was at that age, made that much money I wouldn’t be worried about ever going back. If I had that kind of money I would be worried about finding enough things to spend it on before my life was over. Her new songs are good though and the video for “womanizer”, is quite hot. I hope she does do good and does bounce back but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

It is unfortunate for those type of superstars in the fact that they have never really had a chance to mature and grow up normally. It has been a huge issue surrounding Britney saying that she is not mature or grown up enough to have kids among a number of other accusations but really when has she ever really had a chance to grow up. As with most child stars most of their days if not all of their days have been scheduled down to the minute so how can people ever fault someone for being immature? In a way I understand it because sometime or another they could have said I just want to quite and have a normal life but still if they don’t who would blame them?

So anyways I hope the best for her, she is looking good as ever and sounding just as good as before and it seems like the media is back on her side again pushing for her to be right back there in the mainstream so best wishes!


Neyo vs. Chris Brown

24 Nov

So what do you think as far as dancing goes? I think that Neyo definitely has some moves but the complexity and depth of difficulty are far more extreme when Chris Brown dances. The funny thing is he makes it look easy like its nothing to sit there and glide across the stage. Must be nice! I’ve heard a few people say they thought Neyo was a better dancer. I think he is a little more retro with his style of dance. Either way though I like both of their music and the way they dance I prefer Chris Brown’s style though. You see him dance and your just like damn! To me he’s beginning to replace Usher.

Obama McCain! Huge issue

16 Oct

Up to this in the presidential election I have decided to just outline information being said, enough of that. After watching the 3rd Presidential debate I am done being objective. I sick and tired of seeing nothing more than McCain sit there and bash Obama. On his tv ads, in debates at rallies where protestors regularly yelled things like “terrorist” and “Kill him”?! Who in the right mind for presidency can allow something like that to happen at their own debates then say that they are going to run the good campaign. McCain you are a liar and manipulate information for the sole purpose of winning a campaign that will support the very things you denounce.

If you look into any of their ads you Obama attacking McCains plans and budgets, however if you look into McCains ads all you see is McCain and his campaign attacking obama as a person rather than focusing what should be focused on here, the issues. This shows a lot for the type of person that McCain is and to me it is really getting annoying. While watching the debate I constantly found myself thinking “Shut the f up McCain!” because he would not let Mr. Obama finish. It is frustrating to see someone try to speak and cover issues while somebody else is constantly “Oh well he this and he that.” Screw that stick to the fricking issues.

I don’t know about everyone else but I am sick and tired of McCain. I have looked into each one of these peoples allegations and budget plans and McCain constantly tries to twist issues to suite his purposes. Take for example in McCains ads where he states that Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes. Bad right everyone would be like, “Raise taxes!” sending up all kinds of red flags but he doesn’t mention is that he only wants to raise taxes on 5% of Americas population. Raise taxes on the millionaires not cut their taxes like McCain wants to, why do people making that kind of money need help? Think about it, their already getting millions and I sure don’t see them redispersing that wealth around to help people while they stomp out what competition there maybe so the government has to because no one else the power to!

Watch the debate here is a link to it if you haven’t already seen it and you will see what I am talking about. From now on I am reporting every issue and I will find the facts and post them here because the facts support Obama and because I am tired hearing all these lies that McCain brings up. The way that he fabricates all this information to try to make it look good on him.

McCain says that Obama supports billions in government spending, yes, spending on investing in our future for things like alternative energies, healthcare and education. It is the same ideal as paying for college crazy to pay that much but you have a better chance of a good job afterwards.

Bottom line Obama continually outlines his ideas, while McCain doesn’t only attacking Obama’s. Its annoying and I hope everyone that is tired of this starts speaking out in their blogs and everyother possible spot where this can be seen. If you believe the way I believe paste a link from your page to mine or copy thee entire post and put it up in your blog I don’t care but I am tired of hearing this crap and everyone needs to do something about it instead of sitting idle by!

Heres the link

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Here is the link to all of McCains ads Oh and if you will notice at the top of the page who is the page paid for and supporting? Exactly my point nothing more than attacks in desperation things they try to accuse Obama of when they are the hypocrites!

Good ad through youtube check it out for Obama

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Trey Songz new song “In Ya Phone”

13 Oct

Trey Songz
Yeah so I was browsing some profiles today and found a song by Trey Songz called “In Ya Phone”, its a brand new single not even MTV has it listed under Trey’s profile but I went and found it on Its a good song better than some of his last stuff I think, I like all his stuff plus the genre he does but anyways here is a link to youtube so you can hear the song.

Jay Z fee to party crash because of economy?!

12 Oct

Jay Z
Come on people, what the heck?! Okay so I was looking on my Yahoo updates I get every day on entertainment news and there is the headline “Jay-Z to Par-tay Crashes in U.K.? Come on now, the writer tries to incite that Jay Z’s fee to party with him that is usually $50,000 is losing value citing that he offered to party for as little as $13,000 and blaming it on the declining economy?

I don’t know but this seems a little far fetched to me, to check the actual article go to this link. So yeah lets get to the real world nobody is denying that the economy is low but to insight increased headlines by throwing someone famous persons name in there with sole purpose of increasing your readership is rather lame. Check it out though the article is actually kind of funny and humorous.

Updates to pages

10 Oct

So as you said before I decided to go with pages from now with any posts that do not fit on the first page. Below are links to all archived pages with categories to make things easier to view and more organized hope it helps.

Morals & Ethics
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Some of the pages are pretty rough, right now I am just trying to get them into the right format and mapped correctly then I will finish working on the content. Thanks to everyone that does read them though I appreciate it!