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Rock The Vote

3 Apr

Hey everyone,
So it is my firm belief that it is truly everyones responsibility to help make this world a better place and that can only happen by taking part in the effort. It is our duty to uphold our law makers and politicians to the promises that they have made. There is one great organization called Rock The vote. I have been following this organization for a little over a year and they really come up with some great things.

Rock the vote has become a meeting ground online for people express and share their concerns over the tomorrow that is to come. It has become a place where those concerned with the pressing times of the current recession can come and voice their opinions. It is this voice that is needed and will have great impacts on our lives, but we need those voices and we need people to speak up.

While a senator may not listen to one voice, one email or one letter, if millions send him one each they will be forced to listen! Thats what Rock The Vote does, they organize and give direction. Just imagine a million letters pouring into to one single persons desk with a single message with direct objectives it would unignorable!

This our country, our children’s and grand children’s country. What will we hand over to them? A country torn by poverty and chaos which is slowing becoming reality or a world where they want to be. It is our duty and I strongly encourage you to check out the site, join. Don’t participate at first thats fine, but Rock The Vote presents a lot of good points and opinions which I believe will compel you to participate eventually.

rock the vote


Darfur horrible problem but still not ours

5 Dec

I just recently received an email from an organization maybe some you have heard of and quite possibly were a part of in some during this last Presidential election, “Rock The Vote.” For last couple months they have been sending reminders to vote and things like that for the presidential election but now they have cast their sights on Darfur. Darfur is a small African country in south of Africa where civil war has been a constant for well ever. Anyways they are trying to rally support saying, “Lets send a message to Mr. Obama to stop this genocide from happening.” You know, I agree this tragedy is terrible, I have been watching the situation and gone to their site where they have satellite photos depicting the damages. If you would like to see the images or visit the site its called Eyes On Darfur. To get an explanation of the violent crimes taking place from Wikipedia.

Anyways its a horrible situation but I am sorry personal thoughts are that we don’t need to be lobbying the President one way when there are to many issues on his plate that are affecting us directly. Secondly this is not our problem, if you research it, that are has had civil unrest since the beginning of time and always will. You may pause the violence but after time the government is not strong enough and it will all break out again. In addition we are already in a two front war and don’t need to make that a three front war. We spend to much on the wars we are still fighting right now whether or not we are still considered to be at war doesn’t matter because the money keeps on flowing out of our pockets and into their mouths. I have problem helping people but right now that is the least of our problems if we can’t even help ourselves and that is my issue with it.

Again before everybody tries to jump my junk, I do not, let me repeat that, I do not approve of the violence wish I could do something but right now is just not a good time for us to be addressing this issue.

Email I received from Rock the Vote, really thanking every young person!

6 Nov

Rock the Vote
Dear Thomas,

You did it.

Yesterday, more young people voted than have ever voted in American history. 24 million young voters.

You took our country into your own hands– you got registered, you got your friends registered, and you turned out to the polls on November 4th.

You picked our next president.

I can’t tell you what last night meant to me, to all of us here at Rock the Vote. For 18 years we’ve been telling politicians that if they only took the time and energy to talk to us, to engage us, and to take us seriously, that young people would get involved and vote.

President-Elect Obama did precisely that. He responded to your concerns and questions. He found you on the Internet. He organized on your campuses and in your communities.

And he won because of you. I don’t say any of this because President-Elect Obama is a Democrat, but because he ran a campaign as a democrat, with a small “d.” He ran a campaign that reached out to the young and the traditionally disenfranchised, he organized one-on-one and across the nation, and he talked to and with us about the issues we care about. He ran a campaign based on the democratic premise that our country is run by the people and for the people.

Congratulations to each of you. You made history yesterday. Your hard work, your dedication, and your votes will go down in the books as a momentous event.

And this is just the beginning. Yesterday, we showed them our power. Today, we start work on using that strength to make real change for our country.

I can’t wait.

Heather and the Rock the Vote Team

Here is a video of results in Michigan out on Michigan State’s campus. Just want to say I am very proud of the young Michigan people who turned out to vote! Remember though this doesn’t have to be the end!
You Tube

Change is promised now its delivery time

5 Nov

Yeah, so I hope everyone is as ecstatic as I am that we now have a brand new president. It is my sincere belief that he really believes what he says unlike others. Now I know everyone has got benevolent agendas so the question really comes down to, who’s agenda is the most factual based upon their words and I definitely think that it was Obama’s words that had the most sincerity.

I was enthused to see that over 4 million new voters went out and voted this year. So many records were made this year. I forget the one statistic but according to CNN no one has ever won by that big of a lead in a presidential election. Also record high of 4 million voters just to name a few. So I am proud the people made the right choice I think and hopefully we will stick to it and make sure that he is doing his job the way he said.

Just because voting comes around once a year does not mean that it is the only time that we can voice our opinions. In fact quite the opposite, we should always be voicing our opinions because they do matter and if done right people will listen. Power in numbers, power in numbers. Anyways just wanted to post up a little something sharing my enthusiasm and optimism for this coming year. Really believe that we will see changes just remember be patient and stay on top of these people after all it is us that pays their checks and elect them to be there so we should be holding them accountable to their words!

Day of Reckoning

4 Nov

The time has come people! Today is our day to make our voices heard! I strongly encourage everyone to get out there and vote. It is about time that something changes! I live in Michigan one of the worst economic states at the current time so I have seen first hand the repercussions of doing nothing. While a president can not change the world by himself, it is a start. It is the government as a whole that needs to step up and we must be the ones to influence that and make sure that they are doing their jobs! So get out there and vote!

Once a year we have a chance to voice our opinion but it doesn’t have to be once a year only. I encourage everyone to be more involved with local governments and such. It is our world and our life’s and we need to act like it is and take control and stop letting others wise talk us but have totally different agendas.

Coming down to the wire!!!

30 Oct

Yeah so early voting has already started and voting is about to begin so don’t forget to get out there and let your voice be heard! So things been going pretty good for me, tomorrow is Halloween and dang its supposed to be off the hook!! Plus I get my son the 2nd of November, I miss his the little punk, lol. Kidding only kidding people. Got a new pic of him while he was in Ohio with his mother that she sent me.
Ky and his antlers

Work is good same old I guess, but I have an interview with another company called “Bankers Life and Casualty”, not sure what they are all about or whether I am really that interested but I at least check it out. Also got a job offer from Kellogs, so that could be interesting for the brand marketing position, I went ahead and sent my resume to them. Still working on getting some things into place for my company. After I get my company ready to go I will be working only part time at the job I am right now then I will be working my company as well. Ah starting school soon to, I am actually ready excited to go to school! Kind of ironic but I actually want to learn more about marketing plus I applied to a MTV for a marketing position. Unfortunately they said the only thing that was keeping me from having the position was that I didn’t have a degree. So off to school to get that degree! Two jobs, 3/4 school sounds so overwhelming to me but I am sure I can do it so no worries!

Wow, police brutality if I ever seen it!

21 Oct

So early this morning I was listening to the radio and a story was being discussed about wearing political clothing in which a McCain & Palin shirt was considered racist and another shirt with the phrase “Obama terrorist”, which caused both children to suffer detentions, either way though when I went to look for information on this I found this tape from CNN where a group of protestors tried to stop Palin convoy and police brutally tackled these people just dragging them. In one instance it even looks like a cop pulls out a weapon perhaps a baton to attack people who never made aggressive moves torward the police officers. Somewhat unnecessary if you ask me but take a look and check out the video for your self at CNN.

Problem is none of them will ever get in trouble because the higher people are going to say the situation was necessary plus they will never own up to their people doing anything wrong.