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Wooohooo finally have total creative control over my companies website

26 Nov

So definitely stoked, I can control all creative content that will be going onto my companies website. The only thing that sucks is that we are using a cms similar to wordpress format. It will be fun though anyway, I have already embarked on three new projects to dress up the site and give a better feel. I feel like our web designer kind of slacked on us previously because a lot of the coding and design was kind of sloppy. Small things that most would never notice but things that eat me alive and annoy the heck out of me. I am very maticulous when it comes to creating my site and then to have these easy errors just sit there and not get changed annoyed me. Oh well though I now have full control so it will never be like that again and if it is it won’t be like that for long.

My website link



20 Nov

Yeah so my avg antivirus found over 125 viruses on my computer all tracking and cookie applications. Anyone know how to get rid of them. I found out exactly where they were at on my computer but when click remove infected files it doesn’t do anything and its getting really annoying. Everytime I click on a new page I get some dumb internet ad popping up onto my browsers screen. Grrrrr! So annoyed anyone have any ideas I would appreciate it thanks.


19 Nov

Working on getting a portfolio started and this is the link of where it will be at, thanks!

Illustrating block

11 Nov

So what is a good graphic design? I was brainstorming for a new design and I started off wanting to do something with an existing picture. Perhaps create some dark undertones and illuminate the illustration with some other effects but I have a hard to creating things that flow with a certain feeling of naturality and progression. For me things come out very stiff and unnatural so I am sort of looking for some inspiration right now. If anyone has any suggestion to get me in the zone please let me know thanks

Coming down to the wire!!!

30 Oct

Yeah so early voting has already started and voting is about to begin so don’t forget to get out there and let your voice be heard! So things been going pretty good for me, tomorrow is Halloween and dang its supposed to be off the hook!! Plus I get my son the 2nd of November, I miss his the little punk, lol. Kidding only kidding people. Got a new pic of him while he was in Ohio with his mother that she sent me.
Ky and his antlers

Work is good same old I guess, but I have an interview with another company called “Bankers Life and Casualty”, not sure what they are all about or whether I am really that interested but I at least check it out. Also got a job offer from Kellogs, so that could be interesting for the brand marketing position, I went ahead and sent my resume to them. Still working on getting some things into place for my company. After I get my company ready to go I will be working only part time at the job I am right now then I will be working my company as well. Ah starting school soon to, I am actually ready excited to go to school! Kind of ironic but I actually want to learn more about marketing plus I applied to a MTV for a marketing position. Unfortunately they said the only thing that was keeping me from having the position was that I didn’t have a degree. So off to school to get that degree! Two jobs, 3/4 school sounds so overwhelming to me but I am sure I can do it so no worries!

New Graphic Designs!

30 Oct

Yeah so finally got my CS4 Illustrator and definitely happy I got it. Here are a few new designs that I have done with it so far

My business card
Business Line Card
alternative business card
Orange design business card
My only really creative

Wow, my other companies website

27 Oct

So some of the updates are done with my other companies website! Interesting not sure whether or not I like it yet, it has a very blog feel and I don’t feel like a lot of the visual content is where it should be or in the right context. I like the fact that I now have complete creative control but I just don’t like the format. I don’t feel like it will be a very effective format to give the professional appeal that I am looking for. I have seen sites like this from some of the bigger companies so I guess I will just wait and see before to highly criticizing it. If anyone wants to see it and give me a little creative feedback go ahead just click here.