UFC Fights Last Night Junie Browning goes buck

Junie Browning
Wow, definitely a bunch of great fights last night, but who expected to see Junie go that crazy. I mean you could tell he was one of those types of guys that just walks around with a chip on his shoulder but jumping over the fence into a match area?! Dude has talent just like Dana said but use your head, okay so you say you can beat his ass thats fine but wait till your time comes around and do it don’t jack yourself by doing something stupid. Obviously he is one of those hard learners because just not the night before he was told that he should be kicked off, but he was going to get a second chance and what does he do? So I am definitely interested to see what happens here in the next episode.

Overall though I was kind of disappointed in Shane who was supposed to be great at BJJ? Not really he didn’t ever really display any type of BJJ. Before that episode they had some of Anderson Silva’s best fights! That was definitely nice, that guy has so much technique it is amazing. Truly one of the greats and if there was a hall of fame for these guys he would be in it. Excited to see the fights this Saturday should be some good fights.


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