Morals & Ethics

This page is just a lot of overall issues that I have with life, hope you can gain some insight and learn from it.

Conform for what, be strong, know who you are and never let anyone rob you of that!
I recently browsed through some of my comments which lead to me to a blog that I like a lot. The writer is a eloquent very symbolistic writer, very talented. You could tell she writes from the heart. Anyways she like many people if not everyone I know was dealing with trying to conform or be what others wanted her to be…
For more on this…

Why is content the new medium?!
It seems to me as though people have become satisfied with content… For more on this…

Regrets? No, rather life lessons!
Alright, well I have often thought about this topic. A while back I used to look at my failures as regrets, but then I started thinking about it. I figure what is the point in having regrets? There’s nothing you can do about it now its the past, so why not just let the past be the past and move on?
For more on this…

Just a thought
so what should you do when life has all but turned its back on you, and you sit there in despair? You look at life’s failures and at that point you consciously decide to…
For more on this…


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