Regrets? No, rather life lessons!

Alright, well I have often thought about this topic. A while back I used to look at my failures as regrets, but then I started thinking about it. I figure what is the point in having regrets? There’s nothing you can do about it now its the past, so why not just let the past be the past and move on? Not only that though but learn from your mistakes and benefit from that experience. I figure if I have to fail I better learn from it that way I know how to avoid or deal with it next time. Truth failure is a part of life, none of us like it but you learn from it.

There are those that just take that failure and repeat over and over. I am sure most of you reading this probably know someone like this. You know, the person that says “Oh yeah I definitely learned my lesson this time.” Then turns right around and does it all over again. I believe this a defining point for people, it is how you bounce back from a failure that defines you. For instance at work one time our market campaign fell short of our goals I was disappointed but rather than just be like “F my life” I made detailed reports of discrepancies and learned from those mistakes. Everyone around you notices to! They might not say anything but they notice trust me. I think that someone that can take failure and not let it bother them will raise more eyebrows than the person that just stays even.

It shows a certain amount of improvement and not only that but it also shows your determination and drive. It goes to show your character. It was something that I decided a long time ago a saying “I will never again have a regret, rather I will learn benefit from and be better because of my mistakes.” Ideally that is what life is, my son he climbed up on top of something and fell, he definitely doesn’t do it anymore cause he knows that possible fall will bite if he does it again. Granted some are always harder learners than others but how will you become better if you never learn? Some of the greatest entrepeurs had to fail miserably in order to finally find the key to success. Its a part of life instead of frowning upon failure welcome it with knowledge of bettering yourself. Not to say that you want to fail but it is the eneveitable.


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