Surfing in Michigan, is it really possible?!

So yeah I am told that there is surfing on the East coast of Michigan?!!! In disbelief I searched it some more and it seems that it is true. I found various articles related to the topic and then a full website designated to surfing the Great Lakes, which I almost found humorous until I realized how serious the waves really are. I looked at some of the pictures and to my surprise they were good waist to head high waves!!! Better than any average East Coast wave! Me in VA with my boardYes occasionaly out in VA Beach during hurricane season we would see a few head high to double overhead high waves for a period of a week, but on average those waves would not compare to these pictures. So anxious to actually try surfing because even if it isn’t great surfing its still surfing so I started searching for sites or stores in Michigan that sell surfboards. Virtually non existent or not a good selection, but I found a website for a company out in Toms River, NY. If you are looking to get a surfboard I would suggest this site

Brave surf

Why? Well because they carry every manufacturer across the globe from WRV Wave Riding Vehicles, Rusty, to Channel Island Surfboards. Not only that but their shipping costs are incredible compared to various other companies I checked. In fact most companies shipping costs total almost half as much as the boards overall cost anywhere from $200-350. At Channel they charge $18-20 for 5 day shippings and $80 for 3 day.

Third Coast Surf Shop

This website also has the surfcast I believe for the entire week and also has other interesting articles related to Michigan Surf. I know, I know most people are like your crazy but if you’ve never been surfing I wouldn’t expect you to understand. It was something that was killing me knowing I had to go 800 miles in order to even get close to any waves which wasn’t even a garuntee but with this new found knowledge I have hope that a hour or two drive will put in the same mindset. Just for anyone else you might want a wetsuit lol!


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