My Son

My son the day he was born
The day Kylar Ray Yoon Bird was born, February 25th, 2007 weighing 6lbs. 8oz. and measuring 19in. long

This a page with links to all the posts dedicated to my son and parenting. Hopefully overtime it will become a great way for me to look back in his life and see what was going on say a few years back.

I personally am like most parents who are first timers. I love my son and never want anything bad to happen to him, but you know that it will happen from time to time. Just because he gets hurt does not mean that I am going to forbid him from ever doing it again. I let him make his own choices… For more on this

My expectations, his expectations, our life, my son!
“I succeed only when my son succeeds, his accomplishments are my accomplishments and I am only happy when I know he is happy and well. He is the image of myself,… For more on this…

Pure Perfection My Son
Pure Perfection


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