I personally am like most parents who are first timers. I love my son and never want anything bad to happen to him, but you know that it will happen from time to time. Just because he gets hurt does not mean that I am going to forbid him from ever doing it again. I let him make his own choices as long as they are not dangerous things. Dangerous does not mean he scraped his arm, that is just a fact of life. I don’t remember how many times I fell out of trees, scraped elbows, had gravel embedded in my skin nor count the concussions. It didn’t matter though what my parents said I would just wait till they weren’t around and then do it again lol.

Thats how my son is to, I see it in him everyday. He will try to climb up a wall if he could. I see his resilience to, when I tell him no and he puts his head down looking back and forth at me and then at what I told him not to do as if contemplating. For the most part I am fortunate because he does usually listen. I don’t care though cause I know that I was the exact same way. As of yet since he was born, he has not mad me really mad. Most times I sit there and laugh. Not in front him of course, but afterwards when he’s not around. I’ll just be like, “what a little crap head.”

Its funny cause I see so much of me in him. In fact when he was born my parents had some pictures taken and then sent to me. I started browsing through them until I came to a picture that looked really old, one that I had not sent to them. Well later after I could no longer stand the curiousity I called my parents to find that the picture indeed was me. The resemblance was insane. If I didn’t know better I would have thought that maybe the two pictures were of twins or something.

That little guy makes me so proud, watching him walk, not teader, but really walk at only 9 months old. When he sits there and gets hyper and runs 100mph into shit, stops rubs his head like as if to say, “Dang that hurt” and then go right back and do it again. That is how I know that he is my boy!

Oh and sports, God I can not wait. Right now isn’t going to work he has the attention span of a field mouse. He’ll be chasing the ball around and then see a rock and forget that the ball even existed. Its funny though, doesn’t worry me cause I know he will grow out of that. I can’t wait to see him grow, to have girlfriend, to play sports, race a car, go to prom, make me proud and succeed far beyond anything within my limits. He will to, I know it, I see it in his eyes everyday. I can tell when he learns new words in a day and then can put two and two together. Everyone always tells me he acts more like a 3yr. old.

Oh and those terrible two’s, yeah definitely at that stage for the last four months. Everything, “I get it!” Oh and don’t touch his food, whether or not any of it is making it in his mouth is irrelevant. He’s just happy doing it on his own. He does do a great job though, oh yeah, definitely, definitely do not let him think that he has something different than you. Uh, uh that is bad because he wine and moan until he gets it. Another thing, what is it with babies liking to eat say ketchup or sour cream by itself ugh. Either way though he is almost to the point of being self sufficient in that he can eat on his own with silverware, drink, working on the poddy almost there, among other things.

Oh and he absolutely loves being able to sit in the front with daddy of the car and drive. Its funny cause he will sit there in my lap when were driving just to the next house over but he loves it. He will sit there and rock back and forth going “Rooom, rooomm!” Thats how I know he’ll be a little street racer and he loves all the Fast and Furious Movies. Most babies can sit through a full program, he sits through the entire movie and watches. Don’t think he can do it with any other movie though, oh no only the fast and the furious the rest you might as well just forget.


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