South Korean Flag
Just a little bit about where I came from along with some research about my heritage.

So anyone been to South Korea lately?
Just a little curious I guess, yes I was born there but came to the United States when I was 3 months old so I don’t really remember anything about South Korea. Whats it like? I hear its nice, when I was in the military there were a couple of my friends that had been stationed there that said…
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South Korean culture, customs, holidays and traditions
So how does Koreans live differ from mine? I went and did some research to take a little closer look into things. I found surprisingly…
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South Korea’s history
As most know South and North Korea started off as a whole known as Korea. During most of this time Korea had become a protectorate of Japan, but in 1945 Korea became a separate independent country. After World War II the southern half of the penninsula setup a…
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