South Korean culture, customs, holidays and traditions

So how does Koreans live differ from mine?

I went and did some research to take a little closer look into things. I found surprisingly at least for South Korea that they are not much different then you and I. Interesting enough their music is similar to ours, they lack rap, but singers there have started to mirror American pop singers. In fact many of them sound much like our punk rock genre. Especially one group called Seo Tai Ji-take five check them out on youtube this is the link. Seo Tai Ji
On a side not there are many Asian bands that I have to my liking one of my favorites is ElleGarden being Japanese, although recently split up to pursue individual music careers. Here is a link to a youtube video of them.

Film in South Korea is also a huge industry, suprisingly it is one of the few places hollywood has not been able to tap into. The film “Shiri”, helped boost South Korean film making a largely popular movie in the Asia’s. Shiri Korean Film The name of the film is derived from “Swiri”, a fish found in Korean fresh-water streams. The film is around the plot of North Korea training operatives that are then sent into Korea covertly for later use. It focuses around action and is much like an American action film.

South Korea also enjoys a boom in animation creating animations for likes of The Simpsons which is the best known back-room product of Korea, however many other popular animation series (Futurama, King of the Hill, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Family Guy from the USA, and also many anime from Japan) have had the basic animation, in-betweening, and coloring done in Korea. This work is usually generic and professional, but not necessarily Korean in tone or manner.

South Korea also has a strong gaming industry. One popular game is Baduk a board game most popular throughout East Asia somewhat similar to what we know as Chinese checkers with minor differences in game play. They also have a plethora of online games like starcraft.

Koreans also enjoy a number of martial arts with Tae Kwon Do being the most popular and the national sport. Tae Kwon do in Korean writing Here is a link to a video with some Tae Kwon Do moves.

Academics is also a large part of their culture. They believe that getting into a prestigious school is a prerequisite of success. Seoul National University

Interesting enough pizza is a high favorite among korean’s diet’s. However do not get this confused with Western style pizza they offer toppings like corn, bulgogi, mayonnaise among others. Other Western foods like hamburger chains and such have poured into South Korea as well.

Koreans also enjoy a number of holiday like the New year, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Liberation Day, Armed Forces Day and Christmas.

South Korea also enjoys having the sixth highest active military and the second highest reserve along with the tenth highest defense budget in the world. Their Navy also has the sixth largest destroyer fleet and are one of only five countries in the world that operate the Aegis guided missile and has the worlds largest fleet of frigates. They also have the sixth largest fleet of Corvettes and the fourth largest fleet of submarines. South Korea also holds the ninth largest Air Force.
Airforce wings
Picture of Korean Marine
Picture of Korean Midshipman
Picture of one of Korea’s advanced tanks
F 22 possibly a new addition to Korean Airforce


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