South Korea’s history

21st century south korean buildingAs most know South and North Korea started off as a whole known as Korea. During most of this time Korea had become a protectorate of Japan, but in 1945 Korea became a separate independent country. After World War II the southern half of the penninsula setup a Republic of Korea (ROK) while its neighboring Northern half setup a communist style government. At this time Korea was still a whole until the Korean War (1950-53) where Soviet Russia and North Korea were pinned against South Korea, the United States and UN forces. After this war was finished an armistice was signed making South and North Korea separate independent countries. Along the 38th parallel is where the country was split. Thereafter South Korean economy boomed making 14 times more per capita than South Korea.
South Korea

More images of South Korea
Where I was born, Seoul, South Korea
Brochure for South Korean Film Festival

Traditional dress
Women in traditional dress for parade


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