Yeah so this page contains all news and my thoughts on political ideas.

Obama is for higher taxes is that what McCain said?
Unfortunately I did not have the chance to see the debate yesterday but I have been watching some of it on CNN.com and a few key issues stuck out to me.
For more on this…

Hey tryin to do my part!
Hey everyone, gotten registered yet? Yeah I finally did but the deadlines are coming up quick so here is a website where you can register. It take no more than 5min. max!…
For more on this…

Why are we supporting other nations when we can’t support ourselves?
It seems to me that America has made a lot of the holes that we now seem to be stuck in. Where are the jobs going? This issue should have been addressed much earlier, we are simply one sending to much business overseas and two allowing for top executives to receive all of the benefits of our hard work! For more on this…

Who will be held accountable?!
I wanted to start this off with a catchy phrase for the title because I think that this is an important topic that many overlook in their busy days. With the given economy and current global problems that America is facing isn’t time someone stepped up and started pointing some fingers?! For more on this…

Get out Vote! Something has to change!
Alright I am not usually a political person but I am sorry given these current times something has got to change. I don’t know about you, but Obama is where its at! Did anyone else get a chance to watch the presidential debate on Friday I think it was. Yeah that just cemented everything in my mind.
For more on this…

Afirimitive action, use another excuse!
What is affirmative action first off? The term is used to describe policies aimed at a historically socio-politically non-dominant group (typically, minority men or women of all racial groups) intended to promote its access to education or employment. Screw that it is absurd to say that anyone can still be feeling effects of something that happened over 50yrs. Or more ago. I am considered a minority but…
For more on this…

Killing; its legal go ahead!
Not really, I am talking about abortion and this is not a matter that I care if I am politically correct on! I am sorry but you can not tell me that just because a baby is in the mothers stomach that it means that it is… For more on this…

Obsession; Radical Islam’s War Against The West
I don’t know about everybody else but if you haven’t seen this video you must! This is an amazing video and if it doesn’t make you think then I don’t know…
For more on this…


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