Get out Vote! Something has to change!

Alright I am not usually a political person but I am sorry given these current times something has got to change. I don’t know about you, but Obama is where its at! Did anyone else get a chance to watch the presidential debate on Friday I think it was. Yeah that just cemented everything in my mind.
Barack Obama

First off McCain almost backed out of the debate?! No, you don’t back out of a presidential debate that just makes you look weak! Not only that but throughout the entire debate McCain looked dumb. Obama would contradict him and he was left just fumbling through his notes? No, you’re supposed to be a presidential candidate you should know this stuff off the top of your head. You should be memorizing this stuff in your head while you sleep. Becoming President is riding on the words you say and knowing the way press loves to eat up any mis-step should make you want to be that much more prepared.

And I am sorry, but it is time for a change! Flat out somebody else has to do something because it is more than obvious that we are only going to have another 4yrs. of the same crap if we vote for McCain.

For the last four years I have not voted, because I would rather remain unpolitical and mostly because I liked neither of the candidates, but the current times are forcing it to become quite an issue with me. Plus Obama is a brilliant person, he went through Harvard Law with exemplary marks and came from where the average American came from. So again, get out there and vote, for who I don’t care but think about the times and actually follow up on one of the candidates and see what they stand for. Make an educated decision, not a rash, I like the way he looks decision!

And oh yes, make sure that if you are voting for McCain to check his extensive record of indecision on his own policies! I went back three years and he has a huge history of always changing his story!


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