Killing; its legal go ahead!

Not really, I am talking about abortion and this is not a matter that I care if I am politically correct on! I am sorry but you can not tell me that just because a baby is in the mothers stomach that it means that it is just a blob. Regardless it will come out of the womb as a little baby. A little you, it is your blood. I think the dead baby should be brought out and should be waved in that mothers face because people think its alright as long as they don’t have to see the results of their decisions. I know people will say that is cruel, but what they did was cruel to that innocent child. That is crap, it is your child, if you are that dumb and can’t keep your own legs closed or junk in your pants then you should deal with the responsibility. The only time I would ever bend on this situation is if a girl was raped.

It was not that childs fault that you were an idiot and keep your stuff to yourself or at least take measures to prevent it. I am a father I could not begin to imagine the result of my son not being alive! Morally and ethically its wrong. The whole support for pro choice is that it doesn’t matter because the fetus is just a blob?! Why is it then when looking at an ultrasound you can see body parts, human features almost from five months on if not earlier. I forget the exact month my son started displaying extremities and things like that but I know it doesn’t just automatically poof when the baby is born! Regardless of whether or not it is a blob or not is irrelevant. It is not what it is but what it will be, a living, breathing, precious, beautiful baby. Another human, with feelings, thoughts and the potential to be great but those who choose abortion will never know. Your child may have gone on to do something great and you will never know now.

I highly doubt this decision will ever be changed, being that abortion is legal but it is still bull shit just another jacked up mis interpretation life has to offer these days. Extinguish a life no matter what stage and your life should be extinguished as well. I am sure this post will piss some people off and encourage others but it is my thoughts and feelings on this subject that are protected just like your right to choose so deal with it.


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