Why are we supporting other nations when we can’t support ourselves?

It seems to me that America has made a lot of the holes that we now seem to be stuck in. Where are the jobs going? This issue should have been addressed much earlier, we are simply one sending to much business overseas and two allowing for top executives to receive all of the benefits of our hard work!

Okay, okay so why should I be against moving jobs overseas? Well let’s take a look at the situation. Lets look at this on a small spectrum, take a local grocery store. We buy from this store this money goes into the pocket of local workers and the owner of the company which then those local workers then put the money back into the local system by spending in local businesses i.e. rent, grocery, car dealers, etc. You begin to see that it is a cycle of recycling money by trading services, time and products.

Here is my main problem with shipping jobs overseas, we are filtering/cycling money out of our country and into the hands of others. Alright think about it we buy from GM, where does this money go? The majority of it is going into the hands of big companies and then to the workers which are mixed between the United States and other countries. So in idea we are just filtering money out of our system and into other countries. It would be different if we had enough exports to make up for this difference but we just don’t so we are losing money to Corporate heads and to foreign nations and most the time these foreign countries have been so bad off that they know how to sustain themselves without having to depend on other countries products.

What I think should be done is increase tariffs and taxes on large corporations who ship jobs overseas as well as on any incoming imports. We all also need to raise the minimum wage bar and put a cap on corporate salaries. I was once told an interesting fact by my boss. He said “You want to know something crazy?” I replied, “Yes” He waited, “Well, think about this, there was a study done that showed 10% of people control 90% of Americas money and if you think about it that means 90% of people are fighting for 10% of all American money!” I believe this, take a look at big business! Look at where their money is going. Their maybe employees making good money in most of our terms but just take a look at the corporate average pay versus the guys who are working down in the shop so that these guys can have this nice check. Something is wrong with that picture!

Here is another issue to separate from this subject but same still in idea. I am not sure if any you had a chance to catch the presidential candidate debate but I think Mr. Obama hit it on the money. We are simply filtering too much money out to Iraq when they are better off than us. We are in a deficit borrowing from other countries just to pay for Iraq, while Iraq has a surplus of funds in excess of I think it was something like $80 billion dollars. How is it possible that Americans are suffering the worst economically since the great depression. The DOW recorded its largest losses for one day since the depression, a loss of over 777 points! Something needs to change new legislation needs to be adopted in order to discourage jobs going overseas, cap corporate wages, and slow the war spending.


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