Me and Amanda
Yeah so if you can’t tell by my title I am a little anti-relationship right now lol. No anyways, here is some posts that were about my past relationships, problems and ways of getting through them. Its some good information especially if your looking for someone to out do you in the crappy relationship category its cool cause Im your guy! lol Hope it helps!

Crying, why? Maybe one day you’ll learn!
Same shit everyday. Ever get tired of being lied to? Even when what your being lied to about is something so small but still stupid that the person feels they must lie to you about it? People never change same lies you’ve heard you will hear again…
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Fighting, why was is it I was mad? lol, yeah it happened to you to!

You know I seen a movie a little bit ago called “What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas”, and I began to think. It portrays two people who left their busy life’s to go Vegas and how they are two totally different people. The thing is, that even though they are two totally different people they are still very much perfect for each other because they level each other out…

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You lost, I lost, we both lost
What could or will possess a girl to think that dangling a child, your child’s life around is game. When did your child become an amusement, when did seeing how badly you can use your son to hurt his father become acceptable, fun, amusing, to anyone?!!! Granted there are some…
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