Crying, why? Maybe one day you’ll learn!

Same shit everyday. Ever get tired of being lied to? Even when what your being lied to about is something so small but still stupid that the person feels they must lie to you about it? People never change same lies you’ve heard you will hear again. Same broken promises you heard you’ll hear again. Pain, hurt
At some point you would expect that the person or persons would have learned from all the lies, failed attempts and such but they never do. Its like someone just blatantly walking into a door trying to get in but for some odd reason thinking if they just keep walking that its going give or something?! What is that, who does that, apparently a lot people. I hear stories, from my past, from others past and it seems to me that the smarter half is starting to become the minority. Sad some people never learn, sucks to be them I guess


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