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Rock The Vote

3 Apr

Hey everyone,
So it is my firm belief that it is truly everyones responsibility to help make this world a better place and that can only happen by taking part in the effort. It is our duty to uphold our law makers and politicians to the promises that they have made. There is one great organization called Rock The vote. I have been following this organization for a little over a year and they really come up with some great things.

Rock the vote has become a meeting ground online for people express and share their concerns over the tomorrow that is to come. It has become a place where those concerned with the pressing times of the current recession can come and voice their opinions. It is this voice that is needed and will have great impacts on our lives, but we need those voices and we need people to speak up.

While a senator may not listen to one voice, one email or one letter, if millions send him one each they will be forced to listen! Thats what Rock The Vote does, they organize and give direction. Just imagine a million letters pouring into to one single persons desk with a single message with direct objectives it would unignorable!

This our country, our children’s and grand children’s country. What will we hand over to them? A country torn by poverty and chaos which is slowing becoming reality or a world where they want to be. It is our duty and I strongly encourage you to check out the site, join. Don’t participate at first thats fine, but Rock The Vote presents a lot of good points and opinions which I believe will compel you to participate eventually.

rock the vote