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Updates to pages

10 Oct

So as you said before I decided to go with pages from now with any posts that do not fit on the first page. Below are links to all archived pages with categories to make things easier to view and more organized hope it helps.

Morals & Ethics
My Interests & Hobbies
My Son



Some of the pages are pretty rough, right now I am just trying to get them into the right format and mapped correctly then I will finish working on the content. Thanks to everyone that does read them though I appreciate it!


Adjustment to site

9 Oct

Hey everyone, well for all of you that have been following my site and those of you that haven’t I am currently right now working to organize the site a lot. I will be compiling all posts more than one week old into one main page with a link to other posts previous. This is due to the site starting to look very cluttered. After this is finished it will be much cleaner and there will be indexes to view pages. For instance I will have my work, work, work page as it is now but it have links for all marketing posts and other related topics in it. I hope you all continue to read and I hope this doesn’t discourage to many. Hopefully you will find these changes to be a benefit!