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Yeah college degree here I come!!!

30 Sep

So I am happy to say that just recently I was accepted to college for the second time! Of course it is not an accomplishment by no means, because it is a community college who accepts most anybody. In light of that though I am happy that I am finally getting started on my degree even if it is not the way that I had intended doing it four years ealier.

Nope, four years ago I planned to join the Navy and see the world. Ugh, yeah right, no I joined so that once I got out everything would be paid for and I could focus on my studies rather than finances. Either way though I can not be that mad about the situation, I am working a job that I love and have a group of people to work with that are good. There is not much else that I could ask for.

I am probably going to pursue my degree in Communications Technology- Business & Marketing or I may go for Marketing management. In all actuality there are almost four degrees that I would eventually like to possess at least an associates in each. One of which I believe I have a strong grasp for already but would still like the degree just as another notch on the belt.

In addition I am working on trying to get a portfolio done of all the print materials and web designs I have done as a selling tool for my new company that I am preparing to launch here in the next six to twelve months.