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19 Nov

Working on getting a portfolio started and this is the link of where it will be at, thanks!


Illustrating block

11 Nov

So what is a good graphic design? I was brainstorming for a new design and I started off wanting to do something with an existing picture. Perhaps create some dark undertones and illuminate the illustration with some other effects but I have a hard to creating things that flow with a certain feeling of naturality and progression. For me things come out very stiff and unnatural so I am sort of looking for some inspiration right now. If anyone has any suggestion to get me in the zone please let me know thanks

New Graphic Designs!

30 Oct

Yeah so finally got my CS4 Illustrator and definitely happy I got it. Here are a few new designs that I have done with it so far

My business card
Business Line Card
alternative business card
Orange design business card
My only really creative

Updates to pages

10 Oct

So as you said before I decided to go with pages from now with any posts that do not fit on the first page. Below are links to all archived pages with categories to make things easier to view and more organized hope it helps.

Morals & Ethics
My Interests & Hobbies
My Son



Some of the pages are pretty rough, right now I am just trying to get them into the right format and mapped correctly then I will finish working on the content. Thanks to everyone that does read them though I appreciate it!

Wow, awesome graphic designer!

7 Oct

Hey, so as you may have known I have been tinkering a little with my own graphic designs and in an effort to see the vast spaces that graphic design can into I went checking around looking at a lot of graphic designers. I noticed one that really stuck and had great designs this is some of his work. His name is Kode, 22yrs old from Australia. I like his use and mix of coloring making his design fresh and edgy.

Oh and I definitely love his explanation for what Graphic design is couldn’t agree more, because graphic design is the future. Pretty soon everything will be done with some sort of graphic design, major motion pictures like Fast and the Furious and Matrix used graphic design mixed with a few other art forms. Anyways here are his words:

“Graphic design and art in general is like poetry it may rhyme and flow all together or it may not rhyme but has a valid point. As graphic designers we are the new breed of artists and we are all trying to innovate our own style to be remembered and used as a foundation you laid down that’s why knowledge should be an addiction with no cure you just keep wanting more and you do whatever it takes to get it.Here is some fuel for some inspiration at Deviant art.”

Here are some other


Behance Art Network

All Artwork is owned by the artist and you should not disseminate, copy, or take any action in reliance on it. Furthermore any information contained herein should not be used for anything other than general reference without express written consent.

Has Anybody used the Wacom touch pads with Adobe illustrator?

6 Oct

Wacoms Graphire Wireless pad
Just curious, I was watching one of the Adobe televisions, “How to” videos and one of the interns who is a graphic art artist used a Wacom Touch pad tablet. I was wondering how much benefit this actually creates versus a traditional mouse. Also I was wondering how accurate it is compared to the actual feel and look of a pencil. To me it seems like a huge benefit with more control than your standard mouse which makes me want to get it. I just wanted to get some input from other people see if this is something that anyone else had some words of wisdom for.

Here’s the link to the Wacom website

Oh and if you know about Wacoms wireless line Graphire let me know