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Got bored a little creative writing

23 Dec

Hate when I settle for less knowing I deserve more
Its alright though cause you closed that door
So I guess I should be thankful for savin me the heartache
Of finding out later on you’re fake
Yeah its alright I ain’t gonna let it get me down
You ain’t the only girl left in this town
Either way you’re all the same
Just different faces but the same game
Yeah it hurt at first not going to lie
But there was really nothing between you and I
At least got out before it got deep
Cause I ain’t gonna lose no sleep

I should’ve listened to what everyone said
Should’ve stayed away instead
Its alright though cause sometimes you got to learn the hardway
That’s what it took today but that’s okay

So I know that sometimes I can be a little over jealous
But that just shows how much I cared about us
The one time I was ready to be your one
It was nothing more than a game to you just for fun
I just can’t understand how I couldn’t see it right from the start
I was told not to and even felt it in my heart
Like that undeniable feeling you just don’t want to admit
Knew it was true but I just didn’t want it
I guess that’s how it starts
Cause when we were apart
I know you didn’t think about me
And maybe one day you will see

Its okay though cause I’m ah go back to just bein me
Not carin about anybody
Only lookin out for number one
No more caring cause I’m done
Never again will I put myself out there
Doesn’t really seem fair but I don’t care
Tired of bein the one to walk the miles when you can’t even meet me halfway
Not tomorrow, the next or any day
I’m done putting in the work only to find it was a waste of my time
Guess I cared a little to much but is that really a crime
And now I just find myself asking how could I be so stupid
Knew it was wrong that’s why I can’t believe I did

Yep its okay good luck with life your loss anyway
Don’t care anymore about what you have to say
So just save it for some other fool
This is my new rule
Never again put yourself out there
Don’t ever care


Bored at work

11 Dec

I still think about you from day to day
I call but never know what to say
So I just hang up the phone
I guess your better off alone
Its hard for me cause I desperately want you to see
Me for me and not what others say I will be
Cause haters never want others to be happy
So join them in their misery
Instead of taking a chance with me
Its okay though cause one day you will see
How much ya missed out on when you closed that door
Not going to worry about it anymore

Cause your all the same just different faces
So put on your shoes and tie up the laces
Runaway from something good like you always do
The sad part is you know that its true
Ignore your better judgment like you always do
Take all theirs lies for true

Its unfortunate you still deny the true
So whats left to do
Please tell me what would make you see
And thats what I will be
Walk that thin line contemplating
While everything seems so frustrating
everyone else sees this as black and white
Cause they all know whats right
Your the only one that still doesn’t see
Me for me
Your the only one that sees me as the bad guy
And I don’t know why

Its rather sad cause you say you want someone to not hurt you
But what do you think he is going to do
Do you really think he will treat your right
Do you really think he will stand by every night
I’m sorry to say but your just there for his amusement
Not for the love, the truth or the time spent
So go ahead and walk right back into his lieing arms
I sware I never meant any harm
I just don’t to see you get hurt by him
But its not looking good things are rather dim
Have your fun cause I hope its worth it
I am tired of all the bullshit

So Britney is back?!

5 Dec

Apparently according to the news Britney Spears is back?! Crazy, not to sure what to think of it yet. I know she already has some new songs, but how long do you think it will last. Have the last problems been solved and has she had enough time properly reecooperate? In my personal opinion if I was at that age, made that much money I wouldn’t be worried about ever going back. If I had that kind of money I would be worried about finding enough things to spend it on before my life was over. Her new songs are good though and the video for “womanizer”, is quite hot. I hope she does do good and does bounce back but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

It is unfortunate for those type of superstars in the fact that they have never really had a chance to mature and grow up normally. It has been a huge issue surrounding Britney saying that she is not mature or grown up enough to have kids among a number of other accusations but really when has she ever really had a chance to grow up. As with most child stars most of their days if not all of their days have been scheduled down to the minute so how can people ever fault someone for being immature? In a way I understand it because sometime or another they could have said I just want to quite and have a normal life but still if they don’t who would blame them?

So anyways I hope the best for her, she is looking good as ever and sounding just as good as before and it seems like the media is back on her side again pushing for her to be right back there in the mainstream so best wishes!

Neyo vs. Chris Brown

24 Nov

So what do you think as far as dancing goes? I think that Neyo definitely has some moves but the complexity and depth of difficulty are far more extreme when Chris Brown dances. The funny thing is he makes it look easy like its nothing to sit there and glide across the stage. Must be nice! I’ve heard a few people say they thought Neyo was a better dancer. I think he is a little more retro with his style of dance. Either way though I like both of their music and the way they dance I prefer Chris Brown’s style though. You see him dance and your just like damn! To me he’s beginning to replace Usher.

Trey Songz new song “In Ya Phone”

13 Oct

Trey Songz
Yeah so I was browsing some profiles today and found a song by Trey Songz called “In Ya Phone”, its a brand new single not even MTV has it listed under Trey’s profile but I went and found it on youtube.com. Its a good song better than some of his last stuff I think, I like all his stuff plus the genre he does but anyways here is a link to youtube so you can hear the song.

Jay Z fee to party crash because of economy?!

12 Oct

Jay Z
Come on people, what the heck?! Okay so I was looking on my Yahoo updates I get every day on entertainment news and there is the headline “Jay-Z to Par-tay Crashes in U.K.? Come on now, the writer tries to incite that Jay Z’s fee to party with him that is usually $50,000 is losing value citing that he offered to party for as little as $13,000 and blaming it on the declining economy?

I don’t know but this seems a little far fetched to me, to check the actual article go to this link. So yeah lets get to the real world nobody is denying that the economy is low but to insight increased headlines by throwing someone famous persons name in there with sole purpose of increasing your readership is rather lame. Check it out though the article is actually kind of funny and humorous.

Updates to pages

10 Oct

So as you said before I decided to go with pages from now with any posts that do not fit on the first page. Below are links to all archived pages with categories to make things easier to view and more organized hope it helps.

Morals & Ethics
My Interests & Hobbies
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Some of the pages are pretty rough, right now I am just trying to get them into the right format and mapped correctly then I will finish working on the content. Thanks to everyone that does read them though I appreciate it!