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Updates on my son Kylar

4 Dec

So yeah took my son back home here this last Sunday. Its crazy he is about to be two here in a couple months but he is already acting like a punk little two year old. Its great though the other day Kylar was running around and kept smacking into shat and of course Grandma’s freaking out like, “Oh Kylar are you alright”. Of course he looks at her like, “Get off me, I’m a boy I can take it!” I love it though thats how I know hes my son, not afraid of getting hurt and well stubborn do it my way whether I find out the hard way or not its my way.

He’s learning so many new words, just the other day I taught him to say dude! He’s getting everything down really good, knows all his animals, colors among other things. Plus he is already almost potty trained although sometimes he says “Poddy”, after he already went. Don’t worry though we are working on it. He already eats everything on his own with silverware and sometimes with thee additional help of hand from time to time. Can’t fault him though he does good. I am surprised though he loves helping us out with anything were doing. He will always run up to me when I am putting my clothes away, washing dishes or something like that and be like, “Help, Help?!” I know that wasn’t something that I did a lot of when I was younger but I guess its good as long as it stays that way.

He doesn’t fight bed or should I say hasn’t been until like the last two nights for some reason he didn’t want to go to sleep. He puts all his toys away when time without even being asked! Shocked the F out of me. He absolutely loves trucks, tractors and cars so I got him one of the little mini jeeps that has the gas pedals for reverse and forward and a little engine compartment he can play in. I guess it only goes 2.5mph but we’ll see what dad can do to fix that lol. I was wanted to go fast and I know he does so well have to find some nitro or something like that for it. I almost gave it to him early just because I know how much he is going to love it. My friends mom got him a hockey net and two sticks so definitely gonna be working on teaching how to play some puck here next time he comes down.

Its funny though cause me and him have been wrestling, and I been teaching him some brazilian jujitsu moves. Course he doesn’t really understand it he just thinks we are wrestling but I love it anyways because he likes playing rough and isn’t afraid of smacking his head around a little. Course I don’t ever let him get hurt while we are wrestling so don’t think that I am torturing him its not like that. What else, hmmm….

Iono,…. I have high, high hopes for him I can see him going so far. He comprehends things so quickly and understands more than most the three year olds that are in my mothers daycare I take him to when I am at work. I am proud as hell of him and can’t wait to see how the next couple years pan out. Plus I can’t wait till he starts dating just gonna be breaking hearts for sure. Plus I’m buying his first car and we are going to make that thing a beast! So you know the girls will be all about it.


Can I get ahead?!

1 Dec

Yeah so the weekend went well, had fun and Thanksgiving was great. So I go to take my son home last night to Ohio from Michigan. I start driving everythings cool get three and a half hours into a four hour journey when my car breaks down over heated. Yeah, but guess this that isn’t the worst part, I had gotten this car no more than 6 days ago. I had a Chevy Lumina which putzed out me, it had 270,000 miles so I don’t blame the old girl. Anyways I went last wednesday and picked this car up and it was already acting by the sixth day?! So it breaks down on the 75 south in Lima, Ohio. I am sitting there waiting for babies momma to come and get my son since I wasn’t going to be able to make it all the way down to where she was at and then I finally get it started for all of five minutes just to drive just close enough to see the exit but never get off the highway. So then babies momma gets there with her boy toy and he has diagnostic equipment which reads out that it has a cylinder five and six misfire which is probably the ignition coil and then also a low voltage in the tempature wire which I am not sure what that is but either way the thing wouldn’t start again so I ended up having to call my parents at 6pm to come and get me. It took them four hours to get there meanwhile I am wandering aimlessly in Wal Mart just trying to find something to do. Not to mention that yesterday in Michigan it decided to blizzard. So my mom finally gets there at like 9:30pm and I have to drive the entire way back in this crappy blizzard with idiot drivers which took over four hours didn’t reach home until 2:30am and now I am back at work writing about this horrid ordeal. Oh and around 8:30pm my phones battery decided to die on me to so then I couldn’t even talk to friends. lol, crazy crazy!

Sad, very sad what mother would say things?!

14 Oct

So I got a call the other day and it was from my ex. Before I go any farther I should say that me and my ex currently share equal custody of our son. She lives in OH and I live in MI, I get him every other month right now. Anyways she calls me up crying. I was like, “Oh god what happened?” She began by saying she was so frustrated, hated life, etc. Then she astonished me by telling me that my son, her son, our son was a mistake?! That she regreted having him because all he does is cry. I am sorry but he is never like that with me, to be honest I think its because she doesn’t give him that much attention so he cries until he gets her attention. Right now he is one and a half. Anyways she goes on tell me that she doesn’t want him anymore and is getting pissed at him etc. I almost didn’t know what to say, I was astonished that she would ever say anything like that.

It didn’t surprise me though, the only reason for justifying her arguments were I can’t take it, he won’t stop crying and I just want to be able to go out and do whatever I want, whenever I want. It really disappointed me because I thought she was making progress in growing up which had been her failing point when we were together. It was sad, I never ever will regret my son he is the best thing that happened to me but I regret having him with her. I wished I had been more wise in my decision to have him with her, wish I had chosen my partner more wisely. Instead now he must suffer. Yes if you were wondering she is dating but that is not the problem, the other guy doesn’t have a problem with Ky and I have made very clear that he can discipline him but to never take it the extreme! Anyways its her its always been like this the wind blows and she follows. To the point that she once went through four cars within a year, not just cars but brand new cars.

After rambling for a while to me I finally interceded, I offered to gladly take him and she would never have to deal with him again. It hurt me to say it and know why she didn’t want him. How am I to ever tell my son his mom thought he was mistake. I never will, I would just tell him your mom had some growing up to do, but I know the questions will come as he grows like “Where’s mommy” and I hope I never have to hear it but I hope he never asks “why doesn’t mommy love me?” I feel like I failed him, like responsible. There was nothing I could do, I never knew how she was until after we had the child. Everything was great before we had the child and then it went to hell all of a sudden. She had the baby needed attention which mine everyday should’ve been enough but for her she was always a social fanatic and craved the approval of others and she found it by working at a bar. I am not going into it any further but I have a post about that if you want to check it out.

So anyways I told her no matter how frustrated you get Do not hit or hurt him! I have offered billions of times to just take him completely, but she always says no until now. She hasn’t fully agreed to let me take him but it would be for the best because I know they scream at each other while he cries and I am sure he catches some of it to especially when they are frustrated and he is crying because they’re yelling. Right now he goes home to her knowing ten to fifteen new words that he didn’t before but he comes back to me knowing only the same words. I once asked her “Do you ever try to teach him?” She responded thats what school is for. It disgusted me because I want my son to be the best and I don’t force him when he comes to me with a book in his hand I drop what I am doing and read it to him sometimes I can’t always but if I can’t I always go get him as soon as I can.

Plus my mother has been a pre kindergarten teacher and younger child teacher for her entire life and she constantly works with him. Its not a thing of forcing him though so don’t get those perceptions. We work with him when he wants to, if he starts whining and wants to go play we let him go play. I am not one of those psycho freaks but I want my son to be ahead and never have to struggle. Plus I am not really to worried about it cause I can already tell he is smart, he grasps things so quickly. Plus I don’t have a girlfriend nor plan on having for a long time, I am more focused on my career and getting to where I need to be to provide for his every need. I will install value into him to, he is not going to be spoiled but he will be very well taken care of. I see my father, with his current financial situation living day to day and it kills me because I can’t support my mom him and myself on my salary right now and thats why I making sure that I will always be well off now before I get to old and get stuck working some dead end job. Not me never.

So yeah, needless to say I am disgusted and disappointed that she could ever say that about him but not surprised nor mad. Its almost like she can’t help it she has always had a lack of responsibility. I am just hoping she will say take I don’t want him anymore he’s yours… It will be hard, but I’m a man and a father and I will sacrifice my social life because I don’t care I always have friends that will be there for me if I need them. It just dawned on me the difference between me and her, maturity and confidence… I have self confidence something she has never had. It seems like she is just so worried about her social life and losing her friends than her son plus maturity too.

Updates to pages

10 Oct

So as you said before I decided to go with pages from now with any posts that do not fit on the first page. Below are links to all archived pages with categories to make things easier to view and more organized hope it helps.

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Some of the pages are pretty rough, right now I am just trying to get them into the right format and mapped correctly then I will finish working on the content. Thanks to everyone that does read them though I appreciate it!