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Email I received from Rock the Vote, really thanking every young person!

6 Nov

Rock the Vote
Dear Thomas,

You did it.

Yesterday, more young people voted than have ever voted in American history. 24 million young voters.

You took our country into your own hands– you got registered, you got your friends registered, and you turned out to the polls on November 4th.

You picked our next president.

I can’t tell you what last night meant to me, to all of us here at Rock the Vote. For 18 years we’ve been telling politicians that if they only took the time and energy to talk to us, to engage us, and to take us seriously, that young people would get involved and vote.

President-Elect Obama did precisely that. He responded to your concerns and questions. He found you on the Internet. He organized on your campuses and in your communities.

And he won because of you. I don’t say any of this because President-Elect Obama is a Democrat, but because he ran a campaign as a democrat, with a small “d.” He ran a campaign that reached out to the young and the traditionally disenfranchised, he organized one-on-one and across the nation, and he talked to and with us about the issues we care about. He ran a campaign based on the democratic premise that our country is run by the people and for the people.

Congratulations to each of you. You made history yesterday. Your hard work, your dedication, and your votes will go down in the books as a momentous event.

And this is just the beginning. Yesterday, we showed them our power. Today, we start work on using that strength to make real change for our country.

I can’t wait.

Heather and the Rock the Vote Team

Here is a video of results in Michigan out on Michigan State’s campus. Just want to say I am very proud of the young Michigan people who turned out to vote! Remember though this doesn’t have to be the end!
You Tube


Day of Reckoning

4 Nov

The time has come people! Today is our day to make our voices heard! I strongly encourage everyone to get out there and vote. It is about time that something changes! I live in Michigan one of the worst economic states at the current time so I have seen first hand the repercussions of doing nothing. While a president can not change the world by himself, it is a start. It is the government as a whole that needs to step up and we must be the ones to influence that and make sure that they are doing their jobs! So get out there and vote!

Once a year we have a chance to voice our opinion but it doesn’t have to be once a year only. I encourage everyone to be more involved with local governments and such. It is our world and our life’s and we need to act like it is and take control and stop letting others wise talk us but have totally different agendas.