This page links to my various articles dealing with different marketing methods, issues and best practices.
Hard at work

Target marketing; using analytics!
A while ago me and my boss were looking over possible ways to improve site traffic and such. He kept pushing to do things that would boost the SEO, the problem I had with this is that we needed a reliable way of measuring and identifying who…
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So why would productizing be good for a company?
Well for one typically doing something like this can create recurring revenues, projects like this combined with effective marketing analysis will create a garunteed ROI there by leveraging your risk vs. value proposition. For more on this…

Blogging is it effective for B2B companies?!
So I came on a marketing conference trip from Mi, my company is strictly a B2B company. We make metal parts for a large range of industries including military, heavy equipment, automotive, among a large number of others. For more on this…

Starting your own business?!…
So I have been working for this company for a while and I want to start my own business, the only problem is I don’t know anything about the red tape for starting my own business. For more on this…

Marketing to target groups
I would just like to start by stating the basics. Marketing differs from Sales in that marketing generates leads by use of advertising and can really be anything to promote the product, service, or company. Sales are the people who finish and close those leads and turn them into customers.
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Drinking, ready to focus!!!
Yeah, so been thinking about a lot of things lately. I decided that I am not going to be drinking much anymore if ever, well see how well that works out for me lol. Now I know what you all are probably thinking and no it is not because it causes problems or because I am a heavy drinker
For more on this…

Ready to get my company launched!!!
Yeah so for the last two months I spent a great deal of time developing a conceptual transparent business plan for my Marketing & Design Company. In addition I am also developing a few other print materials, web materials, and a few other options to help promote my company.
For more on this…

NAICS numbers use and the difference between NAICS & SIC codes
Lets start with the basics NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System. So what is this classification system, well it is used by businesses and government to classify and measure economic activity in Canada, Mexico and the United States. It has since replaced the SIC systems known as Standard Industrial Classification. For more on this…

Importance of email analytics in relation with web analyticcs!!!
First off there is key principles behind each of the two analytics.
Web analytics measures how many people come to your site, what pages they click on, how long they are there, what days are highest trafficking days, etc. These are all important things to know however the problem is that they do not put a face onto the information. Think of it this way if you were able to put multiple pages up with say sports, fishing, parenting, recreation, nightlife, etc, you could find out what was the most popular subject. For more on this…


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