Importance of email analytics in relation with web analyticcs!!!

First off there is key principles behind each of the two analytics.

Web analytics measures how many people come to your site, what pages they click on, how long they are there, what days are highest trafficking days, etc. These are all important things to know however the problem is that they do not put a face onto the information. Think of it this way if you were able to put multiple pages up with say sports, fishing, parenting, recreation, nightlife, etc, you could find out what was the most popular subject.

Now lets take that a little further, with email marketing you can now find out who is most influenced by sports, fishing, nightlife, parenting, recreation, nightlife, etc. Now you are able to actually target these specific groups of people through targeted marketing. For instance, Wal Mart or a similar retail store could then send specific coupons to the customer with his interests in mind allowing him to buy the things he wants at the right prices. With web analytics its good but now you have a highly specific list of people versus just knowing say the highest popularity is sports so lets market to them while you are missing a broad spectrum of other potential customers.

How is all of this possible, well analytics has ways of measuring steps in a purchasing process. Take for instance an email, you get an email and you see the headlines then you click on it. Now you are seeing say something like “New product at 20% one time offer!” Now you if you are interested you click it and you are into a checkout screen. Here is a step by step process of the email chain measurements;

1. 1. Open email rate

2. Click through/time on email rate

3. 3. Add product to cart

4. 4. Purchase rate

All of these steps can be measured making you able to measure your success rates. In addition you can put up different ads to and find out what products are most popular and what aren’t and possibly change those or you can do what is called remarketing.

Now let’s say that you find 20% were interested in your main product but another 15% were interested in your secondary product. Now you can go back and gear a specific enewsletter or ad directly to them and measure those results. Its taking and cleaning up on your seconds and finishing sales with customers that a lot of companies don’t want to do because they want to just focus on one product or have a lack of information or understanding for the use of analytics.

Of course this a huge undertaking process and I would not suggest doing this manually but get a CMS (Content Management System) in order to automate and streamline as much of the data intake process as possible so you can spend more time devising new strategies for new prospects and developing new targeted campaigns.

Here’s a link some more information on this topic


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