Target marketing; using analytics!

A while ago me and my boss were looking over possible ways to improve site traffic and such. He kept pushing to do things that would boost the SEO, the problem I had with this is that we needed a reliable way of measuring and identifying who was coming to our site.

Well a couple weeks later my associate and me attended a conference where they had a speaker that went over this. He suggested using google analytics. There are others but because of time constraints I have not had the time to look into them like Anyways the speaker went on to say that google offered this tracking service free! So curious and somewhat cautious, because who gives anything free, I researched it.
Google analytics
The speaker had been completely right! The service is a tool that I have found to be very valuable it measures things like pages, time on pages, which pages were clicked, new visitors, demographics, among a number of other things. I especially like the goals watch, it allows you to set parameters and watch only certain portions when engaging in marketing campaigns to help you measure market effectiveness.

With all this information it now made it much easier for me to see our results. On the least looked at pages I went through and looked at them to see if there were improvements that could be done along with if there possible glitches or problems with the individual page. Not only that but I could measure interest levels by putting up specific material in certain pages and seeing how many hits that page would get.


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