My expectations, his expectations, our life, my son!

I succeed only when my son succeeds, his accomplishments are my accomplishments and I am only happy when I know he is happy and well. He is the image of myself, the epidomy of what I have always wanted, will never disappoint, never be possible to disappoint. He has already made me proud because he is so much like me. He acts the way I expected and none of that shocks me. He is a terror at times, but looking back some of those are the funniest moments that I wouldn’t give up. He will be and forever will be the most beautiful person in the world, even with cake frosting covering his hands, face and well everything. Reaching out for me cause hes having the sugar rush from hell. Me and KylarI never thought it would be easy, nor would I ever want it to be. Without hard times its never seems worth it. The best things in life are the hardest but feel the best once its accomplished. I see it in his eyes full of wonder, devious, and yes totally rebellious, lol, wonder where he got that from lol. I laugh when he looks at me with that coy smile knowing hes about to do something that he will get yelled at for, yet the little punk still does it and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the way he smiles right before and right after when he burps or farts, thats my little man. He can and never will do wrong in my eyes, he has already far surpassed my expectations, walked at 9 months, talked at 10 months (baby giberish of course). I know he will be better than I, surpass all I that I have and accomplish more than I ever expected. Oh and definitely going to be breakin them hearts for sure. lol! Not high expectations, just what I know.”


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