Fighting, why was is it I was mad? lol, yeah it happened to you to!

You know I seen a movie a little bit ago called “What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas”, and I began to think. It portrays two people who left their busy life’s to go Vegas and how they are two totally different people. The thing is, that even though they are two totally different people they are still very much perfect for each other because they level each other out.

Movie poster

It seems that throughout that entire movie they are really in love but each one does something to try to hurt the other and they get so caught up in that they overlook that the other person is great for them. Eventually they work it up so much that they finally just split. It takes a few hard knocks on the head before one of them finally decides, “Hey maybe I should wake the F up and not let the best thing that ever happened to me go.”

Its sad because that is what happened in my last relationship. I think that a difference in maturity levels lead to us breaking up rather than realizing that we were perfect for each other and overlooking that fact. I think that our maturity both mine and hers was not where it should have been for a relationship that deep. In addition to that I feel like we rushed into things, not because it happened to fast but because we weren’t ready to dedicate ourselves to each other.

I think neither of us were ready to accept that in order to coexist together we would have to give up some of our childish antics that we were so used of. So in that effect I feel like we moved in a little to fast and let things get to serious a little to fast. I think this is usual for a lot relationships these days. I feel like a lot of people just think that everything is going to be a prince charming sweep me off my feet, but it never happens like that even the perfect families have problems it just depends how much people see. Not only that but each time you overcome together you become that much stronger together. It helps you learn how to deal with future situations and also helps you grow together because you fought through something together and became stronger.

Take a look at the men and women who served in wars or the military. Being put in a crappy situation like war and then to overcome it with your buddy in the fox hole next to you creates a comradier like no other type of relationship can compare to. World War II Veterans will tell you. It doesn’t have to be your brother because you become more than that when you are depending on that person with your life and vice versa. Yes this is a little off subject but it goes to show you how going things together even the worst situations make you the strongest together in any relationship period.

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