10 Mar

The beginning, I was born December 4th, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. I lived there for all of about 3 months before leaving for the North Branch, MI, US. In case you were wondering and don’t laugh cause I have heard this before, yes I am asian. Don’t laugh, oh no, I hear this regularly comments like “Are you Asian?” or “Are you Indian?” I am sorry but I thought the eyes give it away lol. Some people…

Anyways once I was 3 months old I came to the North Branch, MI a small primarily agricultural town predominantly Caucasian. Okay really all Caucasian, yeah it was definitely interesting growing up there. I managed easily though, most of my friends being white were friends that I have had since I was in crib so none of them thought any different of me. As I am sure you are wondering, yes I was adopted by Caucasian parents. They were some of the best parents and don’t regret any aspect of my life at all.

School went well for me I always received good grades, I graduated from High school with a 3.7 grade point average. Maybe not the best but not the worst either… Throughout high school I saw inequalities in life in general and I wanted to change things. Naturally I felt that to become a lobbyist/ lawyer would be the best way to do that. So I skewed all my classes torwards that type of career taking, “You and the Law”, “Impromptu classes”, “Speech”, and “History” classes.

After graduating from high school, I decided to go to the University of Michigan to pursue my Law degree. As life has it things don’t always go the way they are planned. Eventually after working fulltime, going to school fulltime, and not sleeping fulltime I quite after the completion of my first year.

At that point I decided to join the United States Navy, lol, yeah, yeah I know. Its horrible, the people treat you like crap, its the military! Regardless though I had a good time and would recommend it to any single kid without any girlfriend or kids! The military is not the place to have a family trust me I have seen some shit!

But above all the bull that is our military it was a good experience. I mean who at 23 years old can say that they have been to UAE (United Arab Emirates), France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Panama, Lebanon, and a few others that I am forgetting. Not only that though I met some amazing people, made lasting friendships, and gained life experience!

Above all else though I met a girl! Wow, I can hear all the thoughts going through your mind now lol. Yep, I got bit by the love bug, damn that bastard! No all jokes aside it was a good thing, I learned a lot about love sharing, being there for a person, be being that one! Which leads me to my next topic, after almost a year and a half of dating I went deployment in June of 2006. About two weeks in I receive a startling statement while checking in with my now ex-girlfriend. “Baby, I am pregnant, were going to have a baby!” Wow, definitely wasn’t planned but either way I wasn’t mad.

My son is now a year and half, I am a single dad. Its a lot of work yes but he makes every second of it worth it. Don’t get me wrong is one helion, just like I was. Brings to mind a saying, “What goes around comes around.” lol. Either way though through his crying for no reason, doing things he is not supposed to, doesn’t matter, because once I see him come up to me with those arms lifted up and I pick him up and hold him close and see that peaceful, innocent, and beautiful face nuzzled close on my shoulder ready to fall asleep nothing else matters. Not my job, friends or anything else because that is mine and his only! My son and me at a month old
He was born February 25th, 2007 weighing 6lbs. 8oz. and measuring 19in. long. His name is Kylar Ray Yoon Bird. Kylar I came up with, Ray was his moms idea my grandpa’s middle name and Yoon is the beginning of my Korean name Yoon Young Kim. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me! So ladies its sort of a package deal, sorry.

After completing my four year in the Navy on November 27th, 2007 I came back home to good ole North Branch, Michigan. Now I work at a small company called RLM Industries Inc., an investment casting company. I currently head the Advertising, Marketing and Sales portion of the company. I love what I do and despite having no degree and no prior experience I feel like I catch on quick and have a natural nack for this industry. I do a lot of graphic art design work using Adobe Illustrator CS3 awesome program, Analyze and develop marketing strategies, develop ideas and content for numerous print advertising materials and our website content, I also do procurement work still in the prestages though.

In addition to that I do contract work for two other companies. They will not be available for a while because I want to have permission to post content about them before proceeding but one is a log home builder and the other is a wedding photographer. I will be posting designs though that I have done for them with their contact and any identifiable content xxx out until I have gained written permission.

I try to stay busy, I like doing this so I have decided to pursue my Associates degree in Marketing management with a minor in communications or computer programming possibly.

Well I am new to this very interested in the aspects of blogging, its effectiveness, along with seeming to be like a good way to put my thoughts out there and just get some feedback. Here is a little about me:

What am I you ask? I am an Asian, a South Korean, a surfer, a snowboarder, a hockey player, a fighter, a wrestler, a racer, a tuner, a random work of art, which changes from day to day, I am solid in that I stick to my morals, but ever changing, I am funny but serious when I feel it is appropriate, random, smart, dumb, crazy, spontaneous, ready to live, to do in life what others will not or choose not to, inquisitive, curious, always ready for the beach, always on the go, never able to sit for more than 10 minutes, anxious, laid back, chill, non confrontational (except maybe when drunk), superior to most or I’d like to think, confident however many confuse it with arrogance or cockiness, I know who I am,… and need no one to tell me otherwise, always ready to meet new people, ready for the next lesson, afraid of failing but always taking something from it, one failure is just another life lesson in the endless entirety of life, but most of all a father to a son named Kylar Ray Yoon Bird born February 25th, 2007 at 9pm weighing 6lbs. 8oz. and 19in. long. The most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. Life changing, crazy, a handful, but most of all great and never would give him up for anything. Talk all you want about me but take the words of my son out of your mouth. I play but don’t play when it comes to my son.

Here is contact information for me:
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RLM Industries Inc.
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Sweet new website

8 Mar

So I recently found this funny new website, its basically kind of like a social network where people can post stories and just vent about their ex’s, bosses or anything really. Check it out at or the Facebook app at

When you lose something it makes you realize what you should’ve done!

25 Nov

I am a fortunate person, throughout the last six years I have done more than most will ever dream of doing. Some things I regret, some you wish you could take back and others were positive. I have seen the world, seen the lifes and relationships of so many. Seen how deceitful and treacherous love can be. I have seen the dead float in Hurricane Katrinas aftermath and seen how lives change when offered a simple helping hand. Out of all of this has come some great lessons, by far the most important one that I have learned is how to treat a girl right, how to love. I contribute this lesson to the loss of a very special person to me, someone I love deeply and always will for being such a big part of my life for so long when she should’ve given up long ago.

I guess you could say I was a partier, socialite from the time I was in high school for some time up until a couple years after being in the Navy. During this time I never cared what a girl thought or how she felt, never truly ever treated a girl how she should be treated and for that I deeply regret. I had been to caught up in partying, being with random girls and this sort of fake sense of status that didn’t really matter. Until this point I had never really been official with anyone, dated had fun but never really took on an official dating approach. I would always get to bored after a couple weeks or so and move on. For a while, I had a saying that I swore by, “Every girl is the one, until the next one comes along.” All of that changed when I met this one girl, a girl who will go unnamed but knows who she is.

Yes, this girl was very different from the rest, in so many small ways she intrigued me and kept me interested. It was the fact that I could tell she didn’t mean to do these small things it was just who she was. Throughout our relationship things were great, and yes I had been bitten by the “Love bug”. During the time when things started to get serious there small things that I just couldn’t let go and for maybe a lack of better words didn’t know how to let go. I remember times where she had cried for me to just spend some time pleading desperately to just stay with her. At the time I was so consumed with being around friends that I ignored it thinking it was her being over dramatic. Looking back I realized that the one person who wanted only my love and affection was also someone I turned my back on. I realized that I had been such a huge jerk, that had I been responsible realized my friends can wait and will always be there I would’ve gladly given her that time.

My own selfishness had hurt the one true person that I had ever cared and loved. After realizing this sometime after I felt so badly but there was no way to make it up to her by then. The pain of me turning my back on her had been far to great and I had waited far to long to man up and realize what was going on. Eventually we became friends, as hard as it is to let go of a love I had to. I could no longer ask her to try being us when I know that I had hurt her so badly that she could never really ever look at me in the same way as she had before. It was a pivotal life lesson, that while it hurts me so much to say I had to learn.

Everybody eventually wants a girl/guy who will treat them right, love them and to grow old with and learning this lesson has shown me how to treat that girl. It has shown me how to let go of superficial and take responsibility for a relationship if I ever want to be truly happy. I have had a completely new approach on relationships since then and I have taken some flack for not being the “Tom Bird” that doesn’t care. Either way it doesn’t matter I know who I am and I know I’m making the right choices for me. I never want to be the person to claim to love someone and still treat them like that ever again.

There is more than just us out there

12 Nov












Recently I experienced something all fathers would dread, at just a week shy of four months old, my son Trevor passed from SID’s (Sudden infant death syndrome). It was by far the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life, but it has given me an experience to learn from. I remember the day like it was yesterday racing to the hospital, watching the doctors and nurses desperately try to revive his small body. I remember touching his face after he had passed when we were able to hold him, brushing his cheek which always used to get him to smile, just hoping that he would wake up and this terrible nightmare would truly be just a nightmare. Sitting there holding him, just wishing I could his smiling face once more, his cute coo for just one more time.

The next days were a daze going through funeral preparations, coordinating and trying to grieve all at the same time was nearly impossible. The only thing that made it better was having such strong support from so many friends, family and co workers to whom I am deeply grateful to. It was ironic because you always want to do so much to help that person but more than anything just being there helped in such a strong way. A lot of my friends don’t deal with emotion well but just having them there spoke volumes and truly helped and for that I am grateful.

Throughout the experience I think the hardest part for me was carrying his small casket to the hearse and then to the grave site. Throughout the entire event I was most inspired by the ending, from the hearse to his final resting place. Let me tell you why, it took me sometime to realize this, because I had been in such a big daze I hadn’t noticed a lot of things. Anyways, I remember his grandfather and I pulling his casket from the back of the hearse, during which the sky was black and cloudy with almost no wind. As we walked to the small gravesite and placed him on the ground the wind suddenly picked up and shortly thereafter rain.

During the service everyone stood there almost to shocked that he was gone to even flinch. Cold, rain and leaves flying around his small casket from the strong wings created a certain feeling of turbulence only matched by the hearts of those standing around so somber. As the preacher finished his service we were asked once again to step forward and lower his casket. We began to lower his casket and as soon as it touched the ground, almost as quick as it had started raining, it stopped. The events were amazing, as soon as the casket touched the ground the sky had cleared and a warming ray of sunlight shown down on us and the wind had died completely.

It truly has shown me that God was there, that there was a purpose for all this. That despite the tears I had swelling in my eyes watching the grave be filled, there really was a greater purpose at work. Why? I don’t know, nor will I ever. That’s fine, but knowing that something bigger was there taking place and that God had been there to watch over my son was the biggest encouragement ever. It had taken sometime to realize this, after being in such a daze. I had realized all of the events but I just hadn’t put it together fully until somebody else mentioned how crazy it was. Some may rack it up to coincidence, but others know it was much more than just a coincidence.

my lovesWhile Trevor was alive he had inspired me to be so much more. He had made me want to make a life together as a family and a home. He had been able to really complete me, to fill a hole that I needed filled. I had wanted to become better, make more of myself so that he could be proud of me. Now that is gone that inspiration has only grown, it has made me want to complete my goals in his name and it has given me more inspiration and drive than I could ever ask for. His mother and I are still together and stronger than ever having gone through this experience together and in the future eventually plan on having another child.

Rock The Vote

3 Apr

Hey everyone,
So it is my firm belief that it is truly everyones responsibility to help make this world a better place and that can only happen by taking part in the effort. It is our duty to uphold our law makers and politicians to the promises that they have made. There is one great organization called Rock The vote. I have been following this organization for a little over a year and they really come up with some great things.

Rock the vote has become a meeting ground online for people express and share their concerns over the tomorrow that is to come. It has become a place where those concerned with the pressing times of the current recession can come and voice their opinions. It is this voice that is needed and will have great impacts on our lives, but we need those voices and we need people to speak up.

While a senator may not listen to one voice, one email or one letter, if millions send him one each they will be forced to listen! Thats what Rock The Vote does, they organize and give direction. Just imagine a million letters pouring into to one single persons desk with a single message with direct objectives it would unignorable!

This our country, our children’s and grand children’s country. What will we hand over to them? A country torn by poverty and chaos which is slowing becoming reality or a world where they want to be. It is our duty and I strongly encourage you to check out the site, join. Don’t participate at first thats fine, but Rock The Vote presents a lot of good points and opinions which I believe will compel you to participate eventually.

rock the vote

spyware removal

3 Mar

I just wanted to inform and warn you about two malware programs called “AV 360” and “Defender” which in less than six months developed into “Perfect Defender”. These are very sophisticated and elaborate malware programs effectively designed to mimic actual anti-virus programs. AV 360 was made to mimic AVG, an actual spyware program while Defender was developed to mimic the actual Microsoft anti-spyware program. These are highly intrusive and obstructive malware programs designed with nothing but malicious intent. These programs will can crash servers and in my personal experience controlled screens periodically (every five minutes) shut down my computer, disabled printing and popped up very elaborate advertisements shown below:

These programs are designed to bog your computer down and make you believe you have viruses so that you submit your personal information which could be used for any number of things. In addition these programs and others like it have the abilities to steal personal information, control your computer altogether and crash servers. The icon below is a logo designed for AV 360:

Ways to spot AV 360 before it installs:
1. AV 360 during normal computer use may pop a block saying that you are at risk of a virus or spyware program. If it is not a recognized anti-virus program you use or know of it is best just to close the box.
2. Pop ups range in usually 3 forms one like above and also two other much smaller pop up blocks with mostly text stating that you are in some kind of threat.
Recognizing you have AV 360:
1. AV 360 will pop up usually 3 to 4 different types of screens but they will be within five to ten minute intervals. If you click on anything but the close button it will take you to a personal identification page that will require you to give your information with a message stating you need to update or register.
2. In addition computer functions may be slowed or bogged down and or printing and other functions may not function at all.


You can also stop the virus from popping up by simply going into your task manager to processes selecting AV360 and ending the process. While this doesn’t remove it, it will allow you to function normally for a while. In addition there is a anti spyware program that will remove it altogether if you follow this link: Safe Networking

Got bored a little creative writing

23 Dec

Hate when I settle for less knowing I deserve more
Its alright though cause you closed that door
So I guess I should be thankful for savin me the heartache
Of finding out later on you’re fake
Yeah its alright I ain’t gonna let it get me down
You ain’t the only girl left in this town
Either way you’re all the same
Just different faces but the same game
Yeah it hurt at first not going to lie
But there was really nothing between you and I
At least got out before it got deep
Cause I ain’t gonna lose no sleep

I should’ve listened to what everyone said
Should’ve stayed away instead
Its alright though cause sometimes you got to learn the hardway
That’s what it took today but that’s okay

So I know that sometimes I can be a little over jealous
But that just shows how much I cared about us
The one time I was ready to be your one
It was nothing more than a game to you just for fun
I just can’t understand how I couldn’t see it right from the start
I was told not to and even felt it in my heart
Like that undeniable feeling you just don’t want to admit
Knew it was true but I just didn’t want it
I guess that’s how it starts
Cause when we were apart
I know you didn’t think about me
And maybe one day you will see

Its okay though cause I’m ah go back to just bein me
Not carin about anybody
Only lookin out for number one
No more caring cause I’m done
Never again will I put myself out there
Doesn’t really seem fair but I don’t care
Tired of bein the one to walk the miles when you can’t even meet me halfway
Not tomorrow, the next or any day
I’m done putting in the work only to find it was a waste of my time
Guess I cared a little to much but is that really a crime
And now I just find myself asking how could I be so stupid
Knew it was wrong that’s why I can’t believe I did

Yep its okay good luck with life your loss anyway
Don’t care anymore about what you have to say
So just save it for some other fool
This is my new rule
Never again put yourself out there
Don’t ever care